Putin demands written explanations from Transbaikal head

Putin demands written explanations from Transbaikal head
Vladimir Putin and Natalia Zhdanova Photo: Mikhail Klementyev / TASS

Vladimir Putin asked Natalia Zhdanova, the Governor of Transbaikal, to inform him in writing about the reasons for the Region's underfunding of the program for the construction of kindergartens. This problem was raised during the live broadcast nationwide phone-in with the President in June.

President Vladimir Putin demanded from the governor of the Transbaikal Region to explain to him in writing the failure to fulfill the obligations to finance the construction of kindergartens. He said this during the meeting with the head of the Region on Friday, August 11. The transcript of the conversation was published on the Kremlin website.

The Head of State began a conversation with the Governor with a discussion of the problem of the lack of kindergartens in Chita; this issue was raised the live broadcast nationwide phone-in with Putin in June this year. Zhdanova said that the authorities of the region failed to fulfill the presidential decree and build new preschool institutions within the allotted time.

"Unfortunately, it was not possible to implement the presidential decree within the allotted period and for the allocated amount of funds: it was nothing more nor less than 2.5 billion rubles; it was not possible to completely fulfill the needs for children from three to seven years," said the Governor.

According to her, within the framework of the government's program, 8 thousand places for children were created; there are still 1700 places still on the waiting list. A lot of kindergartens are not completed, but they, as Zhdanova stressed, are in high readiness.

Putin asked if the Region got money to build kindergartens. The governor answered in the affirmative, to which the head of state asked one more question: "That is, you simply under-funded from your part?"

"We have underfunded from our part. As of today, this amount is not more than 200 million," she replied, adding that the Region does not have enough funds to pay the debt.

"Write a separate letter on this matter, okay?" asked Putin.

Zhdanova also reported that the authorities of the region reported on the fulfillment of the assignment to provide housing for a fire victim resident of the Transbaikal from the village of Shivia in the Olovinninsky District of the Region, Natalia Kalinina, who complained to Putin during the phone-in on the fact that she was provided with unfit housing after the fires of 2015.

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told that after the phone-in, Putin introduced a "new practice" of looking through the appeals of residents of a region before meetings with governors. According to Peskov, this approach turned out to be "quite effective". So, noted the press secretary, Putin familiarized himself with the appeals of residents of the Sverdlovsk Region before meeting the Region’s head Evgeny Kuyvashev. Before the conversation with the head of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov, Putin also analyzed the appeals of the residents of the region, and during the meeting he drew the Governor’s attention to the complaints of the population.



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