Prosecutor's Office found violations in bill on renovation

Prosecutor's Office found violations in bill on renovation
The prosecutors say the renovation bill needs serious revision

The institution say that the document does not specify the possibility of refusing to participate in the program.⁠

On the eve of the consideration of the draft law on renovation in the Moscow City Duma, the Moscow Prosecutor's Office stated that the document needs serious improvements. In addition, leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Andrey Klychkov said that the project was submitted for review with violations of the procedure, Kommersant reports.

The document was submitted to the Moscow City Duma (MCD) by the Mayor of the capital on Saturday, May 13. The Moscow bill is an addition to the federal one. It was already supported by the State Legal Department of the MCD apparatus and the Moscow City Duma Commission for Urban and Housing Policy.

Examining the document, the prosecutors noted a number of serious shortcomings. In particular, it is about the lack of opportunities for tenants to refuse to participate in the program.

The bill provides for a general meeting of tenants to discuss the issue of excluding the house from renovation, but there are no legal consequences of this. In the opinion of Irina Zaluzhnaya, the senior assistant to the Prosecutor for interaction with representative and executive authorities, the document needs to be finalized in accordance with the Housing Code.

In addition, there were found vague formulations in the draft law. For example, we are talking about a "general meeting of tenants", and then about a "general meeting". In addition, the phrase "improved finish", "aesthetic function", "modern panel constructions", "high energy efficiency", "modern standards of adaptation", "variability of planning", "minimized drop" and others are used in the document. Such formulations are unacceptable in the law, employees of the department note.

Also, according to communist Klychkov, the document could not be passed on the day off in accordance with the provision "On the official schedule of the MСD apparatus." He asserts that these days the state and legal administration did not work, but their conclusion is necessary for acceptance of documents for consideration. According to Klychkov, thus the Moscow Duma tried to "pay off the protest," since on May 14 a rally against renovation was appointed. In response, spokesperson for the Speaker of the MCD Alexey Shaposhnikov Polina Orekhova said that these Saturdays and Sundays were working because of the postponement of the holidays in connection with the May holidays. On this occasion, there is a special order of the Head of the Duma apparatus.



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