Prosecutor's Office detects fictitious company in Roscosmos’s structure

Prosecutor's Office detects fictitious company in Roscosmos’s structure
Igor Russak / RIA Novosti

The company RK-Aktivy, which was supposed to deal with real estate and non-core assets of Roscosmos, has not concluded a single contract since 2016. At the same time, the company management and staff received salary.

During a check, the Lefortovo Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office discovered a fictitious company in the Roscosmos’s structure that was supposed to deal with real estate and non-core assets of the state corporation, RBC reports referring to sources in the MIA Main Directorate in Moscow and the MIA Central Office. The materials of the check have been referred to the MIA.

According to sources, it concerns the joint-stock company RK-Aktivy, which was established in March 2016. The company was to be located on 55, Aviamotornaya Street in Moscow. In fact, no such organization has been located at this address.

Since the company was founded, its management and employees have received salaries. At the same time, the activity of the joint-stock company was not confirmed by anything. Until August 2018, the company did not conclude a single contract, sources note. In 2016, RK-Aktivy concluded a loan agreement worth 50 million rubles ($782,682) with Roscosmos. A year later, the amount was increased to 70 million rubles ($1.095 million). RBC sources note that all this money has been spent.

Members of the RK-Aktivy's board of directors included Anton Zhiganov (former Executive Director for Commercialization and Business Development of Roscosmos), Oleg Lobanov (in 2017, he served as Adviser to the General Director of the corporation), Maksim Petrov, Dmitry Pshennikov (former Director of Roscosmos Department of Business Management), and Andrey Chebotok (Director of the corporation’s Property Relations Department). Maksim Petrov, who previously worked as Deputy General Director of Roscosmos for corporate governance, legal and property issues, was appointed Director General of the company.

Roscosmos Press Secretary Mikhail Fadeev told RBC that these people no longer work in the Roscosmos’s structures. The press service added that the materials on the fictitious company have been transferred to the Prosecutor's Office by the Roscosmos internal audit service.

The Prosecutor's Office has referred the materials in the case for a check by the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow’s Lefortovo district.

According to the SPARK database, Dmitry Shangin is RK-Aktivy’s director general. The company is fully owned by Roscosmos.



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