Properties of Shuvalov couple 

Properties of Shuvalov couple
Igor Shuvalov and his luxury life

Rolls-Royce Phantom at a value of 40 million rubles, driving around Moscow, belongs to the family of the first vice prime minister.

In April, members of the Russian government reported about their incomes for 2015 – the people were impressed by the sum. But soon fanfare quitted down like always. 

According to declaration, posted on the web-site of Rossiyskaya gazeta, first vice Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov was in the top three – his incomes exceeded 10,5 times. In 2014 he declared only 9,2 million rubles and in 2015 – 97,2 million. The highest revenue in 2015 earned the vice prime minister, ambassador of the President in Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev (153,8 million rubles), Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov (144,7 million rubles). Third place belonged to Shuvalov.

sh.jpgAccording to available data, joint income of Igor Shuvalov’s family estimates at 189,7 million rubles (+137,6 million rubles to the sum from 2104) of that – 97,2 million rubles is revenue of the official himself (+88 million rubles). Among real estates, which he owns there are a flat in shared ownership (6/20) with area 175,7 square meters, three flats in coownership with his wife with area 108,9 square meters, 73,8 square meters, 115,8 square meters and non-residential space (2/60) at 2014,9 square meters.

Besides that, Shuvalov has on lease real estates in Russia and also in foreign countries. Thus, in Russia the first vice prime minister rents a residential house with area 4174,1 square meters from 2015 to 2016, a house in Australia with area 1479,84 square meters and a flat in Great Britain at 483 square meters. According to declaration, Shuvalov’s wife Olga is a co-tenant of this property and a second owner of the three flats and non-residential space. In the family fleet Shuvalovs have Jaguar, VAZ-2101 and ZIL-41047. They also own these cars together. 

In 2015 Olga Shuvalov earned 92,5 million rubles (with 42,9 million rubles in 2014). She took third place among wives of the Cabinet of Ministers’ members with the highest incomes. First was a wife of vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who earned 141,39 million rubles during the previous year, with about 50 million rubles in 2014.

Within a month, the head of the Anti-corruption Foundation (ACF) claimed that Igor Shuvalov is an owner of expensive property, which was not listed in his declaration. In his statement Navalny appealed to the base of violations of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, where someone’s Rolls-Royce Phantom, which exceeded admissible speed in the center of Moscow on Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, was found. It happened in October 2015. A certain NPEZhD (non-profit partnership on operation of houses and improvement of the house adjoining territory) Zarechie-4 was specified in the «violator» column. However in Kartoteka service it is written that NPEZhD Zarechie-4 was reorganized and became a limited liability company (LLC) with the same name. The only owner of the new company is Sova Nedvizhimost LLC, 50% of which belongs to Olga Shuvalova. At the same time, the official’s wife is a general director of Zarechie-4 LLC.



Photo: Rolls-Royce Phantom in the base of violations



PhotoInformation about incomes, outcomes and properties of the officials for 2015

Both companies had already been seen in the ACF materials. It was also mentioned that Shuvalov family did not rent one of the flats, located in the center of London in Whitehall Court, as it was said in the declaration, but owned it. Starting from 2003 the luxury estate belonged to several offshores – Central Cove Ltd., Sevenkey Ltd., Trident Trust. But in 2014 the apartments were made over to the Russian company SOVA REAL ESTATE, which is the same Sova Nedvizhimost, owned by Olga Shuvalova. 

The LLC mentioned above owns one more luxury building. It is a land parcel with area 7,5 ha, which is located not far from Moscow Ring Road, where the governmental villas of the Political Bureau’s members used to be. But the interesting part is what is build on this land – a huge house, greenhouse for tropical plants, swimming pool, tennis court and a lodge for servants. The estate cots about $10 million and belongs to Zarechie-4.


Photo: Shuvalov's villa



Photo: The house, where, according to the declaration, Shuvalov rents a flat

In 2014 Igor Shuvalov in his interview to The New Times confessed that the house in Australia, which he according to the declaration rented, in fact belonged to a foreign company, which owner was his wife. At the same time, the vice prime minister said that he had never concealed it and that it is written in all his documents and declarations. In fact, it turns out that Igor Shuvalov rented a house in Australia from the company, which belonged to his wife.


Photo: Olga Shuvalova

Now, the Zarechie-4 Company’s property enriched with the elite Rolls-Royce Phantom, with a market price at 40 million rubles.

It is worth mentioning that in the early May, a global Anti-corruption summit was held in London. British Prime Minister David Cameron promised to carry out reforms aimed to forbid anonymous buying of real estate. In particular, in June an open register of the real owners of companies, which own living and trade spaces in Great Britain, will start its work. The requirement to disclose taxes and financial information on final beneficiaries will also extend on overseas territories of the country - the well-known world offshores. For reference – foreign companies own 100 thousands real estates at the territory of England and Wales, from them 44 thousands are located in London.




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