Police mousetrap on banks of Neva 

Police mousetrap on banks of Neva
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The State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region is waiting for changes. The new chief from Moscow - General Plugin - plans to upend the St. Petersburg policemen completely. Interior Minister Kolokoltsev approves this idea.

Wait outside!

Last week it became known that new Head of the St. Petersburg police Roman Plugin is going to radically change the balance of forces in favor of the Moscow expansion. According to some data, all police officers, including district police officers, will be taken out of personnel until June 1, 2019. That means that the General plans to conduct new recertification of the main board top management. The change will affect not only the top chiefs but also middle management. 

According to our sources, the General received support in this matter from Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. According to available information, Roman Plugin sent the relevant document to the Ministry; he covered the need for certain staff events with employees. The reason was the results of the General Eduard Sobol team’s audit, which took place in April in St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg Central Board assessment was unsatisfactory. The Minister agreed with the conclusions of Plugin and approved all further changes.


Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev

Thus, a purge is coming. According to some information, Moscow representatives will dilute the senior management of the police. That will also affect the heads of the district administrations.

The State Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already faced the cleaning up. A week ago, the head office presented the new chiefs of the departments for economic and personal security. The Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Ulyanov became the head of the unit. Then the staff got acquainted with the BIA new head - Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Vasilyev.


Yevgeny Ulyanov


Alexey Vasilyev

If one speaks of police slang, General Plugin now controls the ‘big wallet’ and the ‘big brother’. So, the key posts are already occupied by Muscovites. 

The unit of BIA gets new, and its employees have already resigned.

General's bar

It seems that the old-timers of the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are also dismissed. As they say on the sidelines, General Plugin is going to fire all the ‘grandfathers in uniform’ and replace them with young employees. Major General Konstantin Vlasov left the post a week after the May holidays. As our sources say, the General was not going to do this at all. He planned to go on holidays, but Plugin did not let him do this, saying that he needed a person who would work. Roman Yurievich wanted Konstantin Vlasov to leave the walls of the main department out of his poor health, but the latter refused to quit and left only his chair. Now he is in reserve - at the disposal of the Head of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Konstantin Vlasov (on the right)

As we have already written, General Nikolay Rogov left his post after a scandalous story with secretarial positions. Now there are other chiefs, Sergey Strelin, and Igor Paradeev, at stake. According to rumors, both are planning to leave the battlefield quietly. Thus, the Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for operational work, Colonel Strelin, plans to move to the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and head the department of operational intelligence there. Colonel Igor Paradeev, the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, is ready to teach.


Igor Paradeev

If this happens, then almost the entire leadership of the St. Petersburg police will be replaced by Muscovites. Many ordinary employees of the Main Department were waiting for these changes for a long time, and do not express bad emotions. “Muscovites or St. Petersburgers, there is no difference,” they say on the sidelines, “they are policemen, and their methods of work are the same.”

However, Plugin’s policy goes against the requests of those who hold power — not to expose the “established St. Petersburg traditions” to global perturbations. The Moscow General made it clear that he is only playing his cards.

Staff’s mousetrap

Global shuffle will affect not only the head office but the entire department as a whole. According to some reports, the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs will be disbanded entirely. As we have already written, Head of the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vyacheslav Mironkin was fired after the numerous violations were found.

According to some information, that picture is related to the coming redistribution of the entire system of regional offices of St. Petersburg. Thus, General Roman Plugin plans to introduce a system of districts in St. Petersburg, having abolished district administrations following the example of Moscow. This system will consolidate the Ministry of Internal Affairs by merging several units into one district. The Central District will be united with Admiralteisky District Administration that will cover the entire historical center of the city.

Today, St. Petersburg consists of 18 urban areas. Many regional Ministry of Internal Affairs units have a notorious reputation. So, the Krasnogvardeysky district is considered as “the bottom” after the story of torture. Nevsky and Kalininsky regional divisions’ names are mud. Residents of these territories do not feel protected. If introduced, the new district system will eliminate that negative fame.


According to a survey of residents, published on the website of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, only 7.6% of the polled residents of the Krasnogvardeysky district rated the work of law enforcement officers "positive" in 2018 . The Nevsky district is the worst one - only 3%. The leaders are Kolpinsky and Moskovsky districts - 14%. 


According to sources, Plugin’s plan is quite simple. Representatives of the Moscow police will be hired at half of the vacant leadership positions. That will avoid the law of the offer, which is valid among the heads of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Muscovites will follow only his instructions, not paying attention to the opinion of district colleagues and their employees. That plan is quite viable, given the position of Plugin, who wants to rejuvenate the management team of the Main Department.

Снимок экрана 2019-05-23 в 17.42.42.png

One of the former heads

It is not the desire of the General. Most likely, as the old-timers say, this idea is wandering about for quite a few years. The attempt to strengthen the St. Petersburg commander-in-chief by Moscow General Sukhodolsky failed out of the numerous protégés of Vladislav Piotrovsky remaining in the head office. The current situation is different from the previous one. Also, Plugin does not make up this idea; otherwise, his permutations would have been met with resistance from the local authorities.

Most likely, the idea of ​​purge is lowered from above and comes not even from Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, but is approved at the very top. We all know how the President relates to his native city, and the effectiveness of the St. Petersburg police is a question at stake.



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