Police investigator hit-and-run elderly woman 

Police investigator hit-and-run elderly woman

An investigator from the Serpukhov police department has been detained after hitting an elderly woman with her car and then fleeing from the scene.

Lyudmila Khasanova, born in 1944, was hit by Hyundai car that belongs to Tatyana Sharova, the Deputy Head of the Investigation Unit of the Serkhupovskoe Intermunicipal Department under the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. After the incident, Sharova fled from the scene.

The victim said she was hit by a car, driven by a "young girl in blue shirt and with shoulder straps," the Glazey portal reported. The video from a dashboard cam shows that the female driver is wearing a police uniform.


At the accident scene

The victim was sent to a hospital with multiple bruises of the face and body, concussion, broken nose, and a closed fracture of the right femur.

Glazey noted that the Serpukhov police executives is currently trying to conceal the crime. They appeal to the fact that the victim did not use a pedestrian crossing, and they also claim that it was not the inspector herself, who was driving, but her mother, who had no driving license at that moment.

However, the press service of the MIA Main Department in the Moscow Region stated that Sharova had been fired and the case materials had been sent to the investigative authorities.

The victim’s granddaughter posted multiple photos and videos on her Facebook page. In addition, she reported that Sharova already turned to her with a request to hush up the case.

Dashboard camera video



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