Police broke up deputy's meeting with his voters

Police broke up deputy's meeting with his voters
Photo: Pravda PFO

Citizens demanded that the debts on wages in Chuvashavtotrans were repaid.

As Pravda reports, there was a clash between voters and the police in the Chapaev minipark in Cheboksary. According to the publication, citizens came to meet local Deputy Igor Molyakov, during which the issue of paying off salary arrears to employees of Chuvashavtotrans was discussed.

Some voters brought posters with them; as a result, the police showed 'increased' attention towards these meeting participants, suspecting them of illegal picketing.

As Pravda PFO reports, one of the activists with a poster agreed to provide his personal data, and no one paid attention to the procedure, whereas another man refused to say anything and tried to leave the park. As a result, law enforcers tried to detain the ‘poster’ man, but the female half of the electorate began protecting him; then other men joined the fight. As a result, the meeting was interrupted.⁠



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