Poklonskaya demanded to sue Simferopol officials for poor-quality reconstruction

Poklonskaya demanded to sue Simferopol officials for poor-quality reconstruction
Natalya Poklonskaya

Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Natalya Poklonskaya has appealed to the Prosecutor's Office and the ICR in the Crimea with a request to bring Simferopol officials to criminal liability in connection with the poor quality of the city center reconstruction.

According to TASS, Poklonskaya told reporters that if evidence was assembled and components of the officials’ and the contractor’s crime were established, she would insist on the initiation of criminal proceedings against the officials responsible.

The former Crimean Prosecutor is confident that a criminal case under Negligence of the Russian Criminal Code will be initiated against the officials on the inspection results. Poklonskaya also expressed the hope that the legal procedural decision to institute criminal proceedings would be taken.

"The workers have laid the tile, but it's already popping out – this is wrong; and it's done using budget money. Where was city’s supervisory control at the time? Why have they signed the acceptance certificates, when such work could not be accepted? The officials should have read the papers they were signing, and checked the quality of work," Poklonskaya explained her position.

Let us recall that earlier, the State Duma deputy requested the Crimean Prosecutor's Office to initiate an inspection in connection with the poor quality of Simferopol's city center reconstruction.

In accordance with the contract signed with the contractor, the reconstruction of the central streets of Simferopol was completed in December 2016. It was reported that workers laid tiles at sub-zero temperatures and during snowfalls, which affected the quality of work.⁠



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