Planned costs for State Duma facilities reconstruction increased by five times 

Planned costs for State Duma facilities reconstruction increased by five times 

3.4 billion rubles will be spent for the project. About 1 billion rubles more will be supplied from the budget of Moscow for reconstruction of the houses Troekurovo, which will host two committees of the lower house of parliament. 

The reconstruction of the State Duma buildings will cost more than 4 billion rubles and will be completed in 2020. Such data are published in the Federal targeted investment program (FAIP) as of January 1, 2019, Kommersant reports. The costs for the project were quintupled (from 710 million rubles to 3.4 billion rubles), and its sales terms increased by two years. In addition, about 1 billion rubles in 2019 from the Moscow budget will be spent on the reconstruction of the houses of Troekurovo on Okhotny Ryad, which will be the headquarter of two committees of the lower house of Parliament. Also, the construction of a new building of the Federation Council will rise in price from 1.69 billion rubles to 2.85 billion rubles. The constructions were planned after the refusal of the Russian authorities of the project of the parliamentary center in NW Moscow, on the creation of which was decided to cut corners.

Department of Presidential Affairs realizes the constructions at the expense of the Federal budget.

According to the program, in 2019 2,381 billion rubles will be spent on the reconstruction of the State Duma buildings on Okhotny Ryad, and in 2020 – 1 billion rubles more.

It is expected that in 2020 the construction will be completed. By the end of 2021, 2.85 billion rubles will be invested in construction of eight-storey building of the Federation Council (SF) on Petrovka with the relocation to the current residence of senators on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. As indicated in the FAIP, in 2018 57 million rubles and 60 million rubles were spent respectively on design of the State Duma and the Federation Council.

Both projects were the result of the refusal of the Russian authorities of the construction parliamentary center in 2016. The idea of the project arose in 1994 after the first elections for the State Duma, which then occupied a complex of buildings of the Gosplan, and the Federation Council the building of Gosstroy of the USSR. In 2014, it was decided to move them to a single parliamentary center in Mnevniki. This was supposed to be built with the involvement of private investors, while the parliamentary buildings in the center of Moscow would be sold. A closed competition was announced for best project.

The construction of the center was to begin in 2016 and end in 2019, however, no project was approved either in the State Duma or in the Federation Council.

After the elections for the State Duma of the seventh convocation at the end of 2016 they rejected the idea of building the center. 
Former Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the construction of the parliamentary center State Duma Elena Panina then explained that to build the Parliament building in the changed economic situation would be "simply unethical". "First of all, we are planning the construction of hospitals, schools. Parliamentarians will suffer, " she said. At the present time about 6.35 billion rubles is supplied for the improvement of work places of deputies and senators. This amount is comparable to the amount of funds allocated to the FAIP in 2019 for Ministry of education for construction and reconstruction.

The cost, deadlines and scope of the project of the new Federation Council building was also repeatedly changed. The building was supposed to be commissioned in 2020, with 1.69 billion rubles ($24.3m) spent on it. Then, the construction period was extended until 2021 and 1.16 billion rubles ($16.7m) were allocated. The project authors and construction contractors have not been made public.

The plans for the State Duma facilities have undergone even more changes. At the beginning of 2018, the authorities were going to spend about 705 million rubles ($10m) to rebuild the plenary hall, adjacent areas and the roof and that was supposed to be all. However, it was later decided to make more global changes and Mikhail Posokhin’s contract for the project with Mosproject-2 was terminated to be re-concluded in November 2018. According to the documentation for the contract in the Unified Information System (UIS) of public procurement, the dining room, the restaurant, two cafes and a cooking shop will also be redecorated.

The reconstruction of Boyar Troekurov’s Chambers of Georgievsky Lane will be held in 2019 at the expense of the Moscow budget. At the end of December, the mayor’s office announced a limited-participation competition to select a contractor for the restoration and monument adaptation to modern use, which cost 811.7 million rubles ($11.7m). The contractor will be determined at the end of January. According to the UIS, the total cost of procurement for the site is about 970 million rubles ($14m).

The chamber reconstruction project provides for creating office rooms and technical and utility rooms for State Duma committees on international and CIS affairs in the monument. The building will have 100 workplaces, as well as a boardroom with 24 seats. The adaptation of the historic building for the State Duma will take a significant restructuring: the ceilings of the premises will have to be made higher, new staircases and skylights will be constructed, door and window openings will be redone; there will be an air bridge between the buildings. The act of historical and cultural expertise of the project dated May 3, 2018 states, “the adaptation proposals all work for the goal of complete preservation of all the features of the building that can be identified as the subject of its protection”. On June 7, Moscow Heritage approved a new subject of protection with some monument elements left out, after which it approved the project. 



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