Peskov's daughter opened up about being outcast at school

Peskov's daughter opened up about being outcast at school
Elizaveta Peskova

According to Elizaveta Peskova, her classmates at school did not like her.

The daughter of the Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, Liza Peskova, has published a questionnaire about her passions and habits, as well as about the details of her biography to her Instagram. In particular, the girl told about her passion for Muslim countries and tendency to corpulence.

According to Peskova, she studies Turkish and Arabic. At the same time, she is fluent in French and English, but considers German and Dutch beautiful.

The girl was a dancer with the ballet Todes. She reported that she was inclined to stoutness, and over the summer she put on 10 kilograms. Therefore, she has to do sports and watch her diet.

At school, Peskova studied less than most people usually do - she passed exams without attending classes. According to her, her classmates did not like her, and in the collective, she was an “outcast.” From grade 1 to 5, Peskova lived in a boarding school in Moscow, and then moved to a French village.

Peskova named Consuelo and Gone With the Wind as her favorite books. The girl's favorite cartoon is Corpse Bride, and Oxxxymiron is her favorite rapper. She said that she hates commercial foreign music and popular songs and loves movies. She also wrote that she hates going to the movies.

Peskova has been treating acne for three years and always carries a first aid kit with her. She also said that she is a natural blonde and never dyed her hair.



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