Peskov’s daughter leaves traineeship in Europe for study in Moscow

Peskov’s daughter leaves traineeship in Europe for study in Moscow
Elizaveta Peskova

Liza Peskova says that she wanted to change her profile.

Daughter of Kremlin’s official representative Dmitry Peskov – Elizaveta – has reported about termination of her traineeship in the parliament of the European Union. Now, according to her Instagram, she decided to return to Russia.

“Recently, it’s been my last day of traineeship in the European parliament. I realized I want to change the direction, move to Russia and get the master’s degree in international relations,” she says.

In her words, she already settled down in Moscow 2 weeks ago: she rented an apartment near her university and work. Elizaveta’s words about her traineeship in the European parliament were contradictory.

“Besides positive moments, there were negative ones – discrimination, hypocrisy etc,” she writes.

Open Media had earlier reported that Peskova had been an assistant of a French politician Aymeric Chauprade. He joined the European Parliament in 2014 as a member of the French conservative nationalist party National union headed by Marine Le Pen. However, the politician left the party following a conflict in 2015.

Now, he’s a member of the euroscepticism fraction Europe for liberty and democracy. Chauprade was a member of the international supervisors at the referendum in Crimea and actively supports its joining to Russia. 



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