Peskov's daughter and his ex-wife, vacationing in Antalya, were published on front pages of Turkish newspapers 

Peskov's daughter and his ex-wife, vacationing in Antalya, were published on front pages of Turkish newspapers
The President press secretary Peskov's ex-wife Katerina rests with her daughter in Turkey

Daughter and ex-wife of President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov hit the front pages of Turkish newspapers.

Photos from the publications the ex-wife of Dmitry Peskov Katerina posted on her Instagram. "Fun family adventures of our company in Antalya were the subject of today's Turkish newspapers" - she wrote. One of the newspaper articles was devoted to the Peskov's daughter - Elizabeth, the second – to Katerina Peskova.


Photo: Katerina Peskova placed in his Instagram photos from the newspaper about her daughter Elizabeth

Subscribers of Elizabeth Peskova assured her that Turkish journalists printed photos of presidential press secretary's daughter not for the sake of sensationalism – Peskov's family, resting in Antalya, subscribers called a gift of fate. "Hello Kate. They do it for joy, with pride. From the best of intentions. I can imagine how they felt happy and proud, typing this article. If you think deeply, you will for Turkey a gift of fate. And I'm glad. Let there will be peace everywhere. Amine. Secretly (bu arada Sizi cooook seviyorum ve Sizinle gurur duyuyorum). There have been many cases when women have changed the course of history for the better. So you're one of those, "- writes h.madinaq (spelling and punctuation of the author - Ed.).

Judging from the photos on social networks of Katerina and Elizabeth, the whole family is now resting in Antalya. Women are swimming, riding bikes and boats, eat crabs. "Turkish hedonism" – that is how called her vacation Katerina Peskova.


Photo: Katerina Peskova was printed in bathing suits and called beauty in Turkish newspapers

Katerina Peskova lives in France after divorce in an apartment on Foch Avenue. Together with a friend she opened of beauty salon Calais in the French capital.



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