Perm latifundist Georgy Chernov: profitable Malinki and warm place in regional Rosprirodnadzor 

Perm latifundist Georgy Chernov: profitable Malinki and warm place in regional Rosprirodnadzor
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Recently, the media reported that Georgy Chernov, deputy head of the Rosprirodnadzor (Federal Nature Management Supervision Service) department in the Perm region, owns 76 land plots with a total area of more than 175 thousand m². The official himself refuses outright to comment on the presence of "feudal" property. The CrimeRussia found out that earlier, together with the authoritative former law enforcement officer Galina Kostareva, he was the head and founder of two gardening associations in the village of Komarovo near Perm, which were successfully eliminated in 2015. We analyzed what happened to the land of the gardeners' non-commercial partnership: it all comes down to the fact that now it is owned by the regional official.

"Was not a member, was not involved"

The hype around modern landowners, whose names now and then pop up in public space, has recently become an everyday way to attract the attention of representatives of the competent authorities to them in order to figure out how an official became the manager of outstanding land assets. Thus, for example, The CrimeRussia recently wrote about the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug from United Russia Vasily Kryuk, who indicated 359 km² of land in his declaration, which holds four Salekhards. It should be noted that against the background of this latifundist from the YaNAO, Georgy Chernov looks more than modest: he owns only “some” three hundred standard garden plots.

On the one hand, Chernov’s house with an area of 245 m², two small apartments, a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 car and a snow and swamp-going vehicle with a trailer plus two land plots for residential development can be categorized as “living just above the average norm,” if not for one thing: 

according to the filed declaration, the Perm official earns almost 10 million rubles ($153,000) a year. And this is based on the fact that Chernov’s salary in the civil service is by no means equal to about a million rubles ($15,000) a month, and he does not appear to be a businessman. The same about his wife, who owns a "modest" 142 hectares of land with an annual income of almost 2.5 million rubles ($38,000).

We emphasize that Georgy Chernov is one of the civil servants who belong to the “was not a member, was not involved” type: we did not find any conflicts related to the official’s name or special achievements in his professional sphere. Nor could we find his photos on the web, except for one.  


Deputy Head of the Rosprirodnadzor Administration for the Perm Region Georgy Chernov

A native of Perm, Georgy Chernov is a graduate engineer of aircraft engines and power plants, and he also has an economic education. In addition, Chernov is an adviser of the 3rd class at the civil service of the Russian Federation. He began his working career as a research engineer at the Perm National Research Polytechnic University in August 2002. Since November 2016, Georgy Chernov worked in the position of Deputy Head of the Department of State Environmental Supervision and Surveillance in the Field of Hunting of the Perm Region Administration of Rosprirodnadzor, and in May 2017 he became Deputy Head of the Department.  

Liquidated Malinki 

However, The CrimeRussia managed to find out some facts of his “business past”, by the way, connected with land plots. So, gardeners' non-commercial partnerships Malinki-1 and Malinki-2, established in July 2008 in the village of Komarovo, Perm district, the head and founder of which was Georgy Chernov, are currently listed as liquidated. Previously, the main activity of these two partnerships was “management of non-residential fund operations”.  

Malinki gardeners' non-commercial partnership

Georgy Chernov was the head and founder of two gardeners' non-commercial partnerships

Of course, gardeners' non-commercial partnerships can be eliminated, but the land on which they were located cannot be removed anywhere. 

We thought: what if the land under the aforementioned ex-partnerships became the property of the official, turning from non-residential into residential?

We emphasize that since June 2014, Georgy Chernov personally acted as the head of the liquidation commission for two gardeners' non-commercial partnerships Malinki and successfully liquidated both legal entities in October 2015.

elimination of gardeners' non-commercial partnership 1

elimination of gardeners' non-commercial partnership 1

Operation “Liquidation”: in October 2015, two gardeners' non-commercial partnerships Malinki were liquidated by Chernov

By the way, we paid attention to the fact that the person having the right to act without a power of attorney on behalf of a legal entity was Georgy Chernov. And he was accompanied in the process of creation of the two gardeners' non-commercial partnerships by Galina Kostareva and Ekaterina Kostareva. 

Kostarev's legal representatives

Chernov had the leading role in two gardeners' non-commercial partnerships

Union with a reputable ex-law enforcer

The personality of Galina Kostareva turned out to be even more interesting. She was born in Omsk, graduated from Perm State University in 1981 and at the dawn of her career she taught history in secondary school. Then, in the period 1993–2006, Galina Kostareva served in the criminal police of the Perm MIA Directorate and the Main MIA Directorate for Perm Region, and after retirement she actively engaged in public work in the Perm region. In particular, Galina Vladimirovna is the chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Perm Region, a member of the public council of the Main MIA Directorate for Perm Region, a member of the Expert Council of the Governor of the Perm Region on motherhood and childhood, and etc. Galina Kostareva has a number of awards: “For distinction in service” III degree, “For service in the police”, “Badge of honor for veterans of the MIA”, medal of the MIA “For perfect service” III and II degree, badge “The best criminal police officer” and many others. In 2014, she became the laureate of the award in the nomination “For High Achievements in Social Activities”. At the same time in the elections, she tried to become the head of the Perm Municipal District or go to the Territorial Assembly with the block Law and Order, but she failed.

Galina Kostareva

Galina Kostareva, Honorary Veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Also, Galina Kostareva is in business. Currently, she is the head of one and the founder of four (besides the liquidated gardeners' non-commercial partnerships Malinki) organizations. 

Businesswoman Kostareva

Galina Kostareva is a well-known public figure and entrepreneur in the Perm Region

One should agree that against the background of the “gray mouse” of Georgy Chernov, Galina Kostareva is a woman with certain opportunities at the regional level. And she got them not from scratch: she was the widow of the ex-deputy head of the Perm district and part-time ex-assistant deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Viktor Pokhmelkin Alexander Kostarev. Alexander Kostarev, a large district official, was shot dead in the center of Perm in April 2007: as far as we know, it was a contract murder, but the murderers were not found, and the criminal case, according to reports in the regional media, was closed.

A year after his death, Galina Kostareva, together with her daughter Ekaterina Kostareva and Georgy Chernov, registered two gardeners' non-commercial partnerships Malinki. As for Ekaterina Kostareva, born in 1978, she is a deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Divyinsky rural settlement of the Dobriansky District of the Perm Region, where she plans to extend her deputy powers in elections this September. Ekaterina Kostareva works in the field of school education, does not appear to be an entrepreneur, and was most likely only nominally listed as the founder of the two gardeners' non-commercial partnerships Malinki. 

Ekaterina Kostareva

Ekaterina Kostareva works as a social teacher

We emphasize that from December 2015, Vitaly Kostarev, who had previously graduated from the Perm State Medical Academy and worked in the Perm regional center of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, has been in the position of the head of the department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Perm region. It is not known for certain whether he is a relative of the Kostarev family. But it is known that a certain Alexey Vladimirovich Kostarev together with Galina Kostareva is listed as co-founder of OOO Medlight, the main activity of which is general medical practice. 


Vitaliy Kostarev leads the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor

Sale of the village of Komarovo 

And now – about the village of Komarovo, on the territory of which gardeners' non-commercial partnerships Malinki-1 and Malinki-2 of Georgy Chernov and Galina Kostareva were once located. This village is located in a picturesque place on the left bank of the Sylva river, 50 km from Perm. 


Komarovo village is located among the magnificent nature on the river bank

No more than 50 native residents in Komarovo village. But it would not be entirely correct to call it a village in the classical sense of the word: rather, it is a civilized village consisting of rather expensive modern log cabins built in the style of cottages.

By the way, as soon as information appeared in the media that Georgy Chernov owns 76 land plots, they began to put up plots with houses in Komarovo on sale, as if on cue. So, almost simultaneously, several ads (paid ones) on the sale of log cabins with house parcels of 14–19 acres appeared at the CIAN website. The prices there are considerable. 

Komarovo houses

Sale of real estate in Komarovo

"Year-round access to the house, electricity, water supply (well), sewage" – the ads read, the text of which is identical, that is, written by the same person. Similar sales of land plots in Komarovo (with log cabins and without them) were posted at CIAN before as well. Can we say that local peasants are selling their property in this way? By no means. Something tells: it was these plots that were once called garden partnerships, and now the real estate is in the status of individual housing construction in private ownership and brings a good profit. Recall that Galina Kostareva is the owner of OOO Stroy-Service, which, in addition to the main activity, which consists in the dismantling and demolition of buildings, is engaged in additional, including the construction of residential and non-residential premises.

But what about the 142 hectares of agricultural land, registered in the possession of the wife of Georgy Chernov? It would seem that farmland falls out of the "gardening" scheme. But in fact, this is much simpler: do not forget that Georgy Chernov is working as deputy head in the administration of the regional Rosprirodnadzor. Rosprirodnadzor is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation and carries out functions of control and supervision in the field of environmental management. And that, among other things, is state land control in relation to lands of water and forest funds, lands of forests not included in the forest fund, and specially protected natural territories. Believe: it is possible to find 142 “extra” hectares in the Perm region, and there are no problems with raw materials for the construction of log cabins.

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