Perm region Head Viktor Basargin goes to Moscow to speak with Presidential Administration of Russian Federation

Perm region Head Viktor Basargin goes to Moscow to speak with Presidential Administration of Russian Federation
Viktor Basargin

No one knows for sure why he went to Moscow, according to regional media outlets. However, the Governor will soon be dismissed and offered another position, some say.

Head of Personnel of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation Anton Vaino summoned the Governor to Moscow, according to Vibor Public Movement Head Konstantin Okunev’s Facebook post.

As people working in the Region government say, Basargin is likely to receive an offer for a leading position in either a public corporation or federal government. Local public servants suggest that the Executive Office does not have reasons to dismiss Basargin, let alone make a show of it. Moreover, they think he will get recognized for his work. At the same time, local media outlets are speculating whether an announcement about the Governor’s dismissal will be made as soon as next week.

Basargin understands such an outcome is possible. He would like Maksim Reshetniko to be the next Governor. Reshetnikov is a Moscow Government Minister, the Head of the Department for Moscow Economic Development. In 2004-2009, he worked as a head of different departments of the Administration of former Prikamye Region Governor Oleg Chirkunov. Moreover, Reshetnikov also worked in the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation.

May we remind you that Basargin’s 5 year-long term ends in early-May. He had already announced he would like to run for the 2nd term during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2014. However, the President told him “not to hurry”.

Basargin announced he was ready to run if Putin supported him. The Kremlin did not comment.

Before that, the highest ranks of Perm political elite would discuss whether Legislative Assembly speaker Valery Sukhikh, former Perm Government Prime Minister Gennady Tushnolobov, or State Duma MP Dmitry Skrivanov might have replaced Basargin. However, now rumor has it they got removed from the so called “short list”.

“There are many opinions. Rumor has it Reshetnikov may be appointed. However, everyone understands that it is the President who has the final say on the matter. Vladimir Putin has yet to announce his opinion on the Perm region Governor election. That is why everyone keeps working and preparing for Basargin’s election campaign”.



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