Participants of the Gelandewagen caravan will serve in distant garrisons

Participants of the Gelandewagen caravan will serve in distant garrisons

The motor rally of thirty black Gelandewagen SUVs will come at a price, not only to the heads of the FSB Academy, as we reported earlier, but also to the graduates who took part in it. As the press service of the FSB made it clear, the incident become the blow to the reputation of the institution and will have its consequences.

On June 14th, the FSB (Federal Security Service) announced that executives of the University (FSB Academy), will be punished for the incident organized by their graduates. Several officers are going to be fired from the Academy, others - demoted. As for the graduates themselves there will be "fundamental personal decisions taken regarding change in conditions of service", the FSB reported.

Forbes has figured out what exactly is behind those words and how it will affect graduates' fate and carreer promotions.

Forbes specifies that these decisions relate to the distribution of future security officers for further service. In particular, the graduates from Moscow are going to serve in distant garrisons further than the Ural Mountains, and those, who refuses to accept the offer, will be dismissed.

Before the incident, said the source of Forbes, the majority of caravan participants expected to serve in Moscow and Moscow region. Moreover, two people familiar with the nuances of the work in the FSB told the magazine that the guilty graduates most likely will not be allowed to operational work, but will be sent to the secretariats and offices, which can slow down the promotion in the service in the future.

Let's remind that in early July the video with dozens of black off roaders was published in social media, causing tremendous public outrage. According to eyewitnesses, the young officers of the FSB violated traffic rules and created emergency situations on the road.



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