On blue Rolls-Royce up to Smolny 

On blue Rolls-Royce up to Smolny
Nizami Mamishev

A blue Rolls-Royce, a family club of mixed martial arts, and a famous uncle. With such an impressive toolkit, 29-year-old Nizami Mamishev jumped right into the seat of the Deputy Head of Krasnoselsky district.

The new Deputy Head of the Krasnoselsky district Administration is a 29-year-old Nizami Mamishev, the nephew of a prominent businessman Vagif Mamishev. Previously, he was the director of the MMA club Mamishev Fight Team, and now he will be responsible for youth policy, physical culture, and sports. He already has experience as a first category specialist at the executive office of the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

In September the Administration of the Krasnoselsky district changed its Head: Yevgeny Nikolsky, who had received a place in the Legislative Assembly, was replaced by the Major General Vitaly Cherkashin — the former Head of the Federal Drug Control Service department in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. First of all, he decided to relieve his first Deputy Pavel Burmistrov of excessive burdens, transferring some of his powers to the young and ambitious official, Nizami Mamishev.

In 2010, Mamishev graduated from the fee-based criminal proceedings department of the Faculty of Law at St. Petersburg State University. Among his classmates was Arzu Mamisheva, the daughter of a well-known businessman and the head of the Azerbaijani diaspora of St. Petersburg, Vagif Mamishev. Nizami is his nephew. In 2012, he defended his master's thesis on "Involvement as a defendant." As the annotation to the work implies, the research led Mamishev to the conclusion that the Art. 23 of the Law "On the detention of suspects and accused persons" required an additional paragraph: "All cameras are provided with video surveillance cameras."

However, Nizami Mamishev tied his career not with law enforcement, but with public service. Judging by the St. Petersburg government information classifier, in the spring of 2013, he was appointed a first category specialist, the lowest rank in the hierarchical system of state bodies. However, his office was not in an ordinary committee, but in the office of the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

The next entry in the classifier would be the Deputy Head of the Administration of the Krasnoselsky district. Fontanka tried to contact Mamishev to find out how he had managed to soar so high in no time, but he was unavailable for comment. "How can the administration comment on a personnel decision of the Governor? All personnel issues are probably decided upon in the Smolny," the press service of the Administration explained.

Nizami Mamishev’s uncle have told us a few things about his nephew’s personal qualities.

"He is a well-off man, he has a house, he has everything. He needs to work really hard to justify the Governor’s confidence. I would like him to help me in business, but he wants to work in the civil service. He is very modest and well-mannered," Vagif Mamishev said.

Роллс Ройс

The name of his nephew has already been featured in the media. In 2008, Gorod 812 magazine made a list of the most expensive cars of St. Petersburg. Naturally, it included the members of the Mamishev family, who is known for his love of old cars. Nizami Mamishev was in the top 10 with his blue Rolls-Royce Phantom VII for 500 thousand euros. According to Fontanka, his interest in expensive cars spanned through the following years. At different times, he also acquired a Porche Cayenne, a Hummer H2, and a Mercedes 220a, manufactured back in 1955. The parking lot near his office will have plenty of space for this car fleet — the Administration of the Krasnoselsky district is located on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, in a large building in front of the Yuzhno-Primorsky Park.

Nizami Mamishev is well-versed in the issues of physical education assigned to him. Previously, he supervised the MMA club Mamishev Fight Team: in an interview in 2012, one of the fighters, Mikhail Malyutin even called Nizami Mamishev "the club’s director". He was somewhat engaged in business as well: as indicated in SPARK, formerly he was the founder of the Retro-Avto company, registered on the same address as Mamishev Fight Team. Finally, according to the Czech Commercial Register, together with other members of his famous family, Nizami owns a stake in the Prague company Fetnatun, which specializes in selling real estate.

It is worth noting that 29 years would not be a record for the state appointments. In May 2012, a 23-year-old Nikita Alexandrov became the Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy. In 2013, he was called upon for military service, and then, on his return, he was given the post of the Deputy Head of the Administration of the Moscow Region. In this role, he oversees the same spheres that have been entrusted to Nizami Mamishev.



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