Omsk City Council refused to dismiss one third of its deputies who had hidden their income

Omsk City Council refused to dismiss one third of its deputies who had hidden their income

The Omsk Prosecutor's Office has demanded to dismiss one third of the City Council deputies.

This was due to the fact city officials specify incorrect data on income and property in their declarations.

The Omsk Prosecutor's General Aleksey Poluboyarov issued a representation to eliminate the violations revealed during checks, which concerned the compliance with the legislation on municipal service and corruption counteraction, as early as on September 21. In particular, violations were identified in the part of performance of their duties related to the provision of reliable information about the property and income by deputies.

The check revealed plenty of violations. Omsk deputies discussed its results and the representation issued by the prosecutor's office on September 27 during a plenary session of the City Council. The greatest dissatisfaction with the Prosecutor's Office's demands was expressed by representatives of the Communist Party faction, since the following shortcomings had been revealed in their declarations:

- not all personal income is specified;

- false information about income of wives or husbands;

- not all movable and immovable property and vehicles are specified. 

Aleksey Poluboyarov noted that according to the Federal Law No. 273, deputies' failure to provide or deputies providing inaccurate or incomplete information about their income and expenditure amounts to violation, which entails exemption from their positions and dismissal from the state or municipal service.

October 26, the Prosecutor's Office's demand to deprive the deputies, who concealed information about their income and property, of their powers, was discussed in the Omsk City Council. As it turned out, based on the prosecutor's investigation, 16 officials got blacklisted; 10 of them are Edinaya Rossiya representatives, four more are members of Communist Party faction and one each representative of the Spravedlivaya Rossiya and the Novy Gorod public movement.

Despite the demand of the prosecutor's office, stipulated by the legislation, to dismiss the violating deputies, the City Council decided not to fulfill this requirement, citing its own check results.

The City Council's decision, voted upon by 25 out of 34 deputies present, states that no violations have been found in respect of 6 deputies, or the violations have not been proven by the prosecutor's office. As for the rest, the violations found "are insignificant, are mainly due to technical errors, and do not indicate evidence of corruption."

This said, City Council Deputy and a member of the Spravedlivaya Rossiya Elena Sveshnikova, also blacklisted, has called the violations "ridiculous" and advised supervisors to "seek corruption elsewhere."

The official was outraged at the fact the supervisory authority had not paid attention to the difference in income. "A ridiculous difference in income has been revealed, namely 85 thousand rubles. Clearly, the prosecutor's office got nothing better to do than look for such trifles," Elena Sveshnikova told. According to her, the deputies were not trying conceal anything, "they are human errors, and they are admissible."



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