OMON officers complain about paid parking in front of Special Operations Center

OMON officers complain about paid parking in front of Special Operations Center

During the last week of 2016, paid parking zone was expanded in Moscow. The news provoked a sharp negative reaction among the Moscow OMON fighters.

The paid parking zone was expanded on December 26, and the OMON Special Operations Center building in Strogino district is now surrounded with streets included in this very zone with paid parking. At the same time, it is prohibited to enter the Center’s territory on private vehicles.

Despite the problem, the Special Operations Center administration does not plan to pay its workers a compensation for the costs associated with parking. The employees have irregular work schedule, which includes day duty.

As a result, OMON soldiers have appealed for support of the Moscow police union.

According to Coordinator of the Police Union Mikhail Pashkin, the salary of security forces is not high enough to pay for daily parking. "Surely, there is a way for the Special Operations Center management to negotiate with Moscow Mayor or Mr. Liksutov as for the issue of some kind of subscription certificates, or have the National Guard of Russia pay for it, or not have a paid parking there. I wonder whether anyone has negotiated about this parking with the employees? I’m sure no one has done this. Therefore, its location there is illegal," Mikhail Pashkin stressed.

He also added that a few years ago, the union members already appealed to the head of Special Operations Center, asking to add a pedestrian crossing across the road from the Center to the parking area, as the nearest junction is half a kilometer from the building’s exit. As a result, officers cross the road in the wrong place, and traffic police fine them for it; the issue has not been resolved.

It should be added that in the last week of December, the paid parking zone was expanded in 47 districts of the capital; changes affected 206 streets.



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