Oleg Navalny: "Orel prison inmates slit their wrists." Federal Penitentiary Service denies this

Oleg Navalny: "Orel prison inmates slit their wrists." Federal Penitentiary Service denies this
Oleg Navalny

Dissident Alexey Navalny’s brother Oleg Navalny, convicted in the Yves Rocher case, has reported about the Narishkino village correctional camp No. 5 (IK-5) inmates slitting their wrists. The message was published on his Facebook page. Oleg Navalny is serving his sentence in IK-5.

The message was published on Oleg Navalny’s page on October 20. An inspection had been conducted in IK-5; a service special forces unit tazed and beat inmates with truncheons.

"Inmates began slitting their wrists in an attempt to stop that," the message reads. However, it did not help: "The beating continued, and I'm not sure whether inmates were administered first aid."

It is unlikely prosecutors will bother with the incident, Oleg Navalny said. It will be passed as if it were inmates’ fault, he emphasized.

The Service Department has already reacted to Oleg Navalny’s report; its Office of Public Affairs refused to officially comment on "Oleg Navalny’s personal opinion." However, it called it a "fantasy" at the same time.

It was a regular inspection, according to the office. There was nothing illegal, just as there were no emergencies. No inspections were instituted following Oleg Navalny’s complaint, according to the Service Department.

May we remind you that Oleg Navalny was convicted of violation of articles 159.4, parts 2 and 3 and 174.1, part 2 (Fraud and money laundering) of the Russian Criminal Code and given a 3.5-year custodial sentence in December 2014. Alexey Navalny was also a defendant in the case. He was given a 3.5-year suspended sentence.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled the Navalny brothers were wrongfully prosecuted. However, it did not recognize the case as being a political one. The ruling was made on October 17, 2017. Moreover, the court ruled Russia has to pay the Navalny brothers € 80 thousand.



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