Official reason of resignation of State Traffic Police Head Nilov

Official reason of resignation of State Traffic Police Head Nilov
Ex-Head of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspection Victor Nilov

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev declared that departure of the Head of the Traffic Police is connected with the age. The official also disproved plans for reorganization of the State Traffic Inspectorate.

Interior Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, commenting on resignation of Head of the State Traffic Police Victor Nilov, the decree on which was the day before signed by Vladimir Putin, declared that dismissal is connected with Nilov’s age, but not with some nonexistent plans for merging of traffic police with other police divisions. He emphasized that such plans are not considered.

“Nilov adequately worked his service in bodies of Traffic Police and made a considerable contribution to strengthening of traffic safety. I have signed the decree on rewarding with his award weapon just recently. For the officer it is considered, probably, the highest departmental award”, the minister noted.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier with reference to other media, Nilov's dismissal could be connected with inspection of FSB which was carried out in 2016. According to a number of insiders, intelligence agencies have found enough large-scale embezzlement of budget funds, and also other violations. It is not excluded that criminal cases will be initiated soon.



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