Official Olga Glatskih unknowingly tells the truth 

Official Olga Glatskih unknowingly tells the truth
The official blurted out about the true position of the state Photo: The CrimeRussia

“In general, the state owes you nothing, your parents owe you because they gave birth to you, the state did not ask them to bear you,” the resonant quotation of representative of the government Olga Glatskih spread over thousands of articles, reports, posts, and blogs. Olga Glatskih, the director of the youth policy department of the Sverdlovsk region, allowed herself to comment on the state duty to parents who cannot pay for their children's trips to competitions. Why do Russians follow statements of the officials' statements? Maybe Olga Glatskih simply said something that isn's accepted in Russia, but it happens every day.

What was actually said

The scandalous incident occurred in the administration of the Kirovgrad urban district of the Ural region. During the roundtable, the director of the youth program department, Olga Glatskih, together with representatives of various youth organizations in the city, discussed the prospects for creating platforms where children and young people would be able to fully develop and reveal their talents. The favorite word 'co-working' appeared, the audience listened with interest to the initiatives of Olga Glatskih, which sounded fresh.

At some point, the participant of the roundtable asked a question and suggestion, the essence of which was to allocate money from the budget to parents who could not pay for their children's travel to various developmental activities (the question remained behind the frame of the video report). After that, Olga Glatskih delivered the speech which resulted in scandal. On November 3 video report was posted hit the web. Numerous media cited the loud quotation (Glatskih later complained that the phrase was perceived incorrectly, as it was torn out of context). We give the whole excerpt, so as not to be biased:

“Today it has turned out that young people have the understanding that the state owes them. In general, the state owes you nothing; your parents owe you because they gave birth to you, the state did not ask them to bear you. Everyone knows their rights, but everyone has forgotten about their duties. And parents believe that their child is the best, most talented, this is the normal position of the parent. But, excuse me, if you think so, then you have to invest in your child together with the state. If the state invests in projects, events (do you think it is easy to organize an event, and it is cheap? Believe me, it is not) and resources, human resources, and the salaries — but there is no spin-off. Therefore, you need to combine both the opportunities that the state gives you and the opportunities that you either seek for yourself or with your parents. So, dear guys, I have a huge request for you, change everything in your heads, with your friends, acquaintances, classmates - the state owes you nothing. You have to do everything yourself. This is your life. We are here only as representatives of the regional authorities, municipal authorities - we may only support you.”


Ural official Olga Glatskih

Publicly answering questions from citizens and being in a bureaucratic position; it should be understood that any reckless phrase will be perceived as a governmental point of view. That is why the authorities wanted to immediately remove the “dangerous element,” who transmitted the actual position of the state on youth policy issues. On November 6, Glatskih was temporarily suspended. On November 8, she was expelled from the political council of the Sverdlovsk branch of United Russia.

«Do you think it is easy to organize an event, and it is cheap? Believe me; it is not.»

The official with law salary was suspected of wasting budget money.

Furthermore: on November 7, it was reported that the Investigation Committee became interested in Olga Glatskih. Ural investigators will verify information about the possible misappropriation of budgetary money by the region’s youth policy department, which is headed by the official with a low salary. In 2018, her department received 131 million rubles for the implementation of projects to support talented youth from the state. 800 gifted children were educated. Classes were held in the four-star business hotel Panorama. The ICR press service in the Sverdlovsk region reported that there were some questions: why youth events were held not in pioneer camps, but in a premium hotel, although the lessons were conducted by ordinary teachers, whose remuneration was low.


Panorama hotel

Also, investigators will check the information that the hotel hosted others departmental events. “In particular, in 2017, four meetings with representatives of municipalities and a seminar on interaction with working youth were held there,” the message of the press service of the Investigative Committee ration in the region stated.

On the same day, November 7, the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Sverdlovsk region removed a verification report, which is being carried out about the department of youth policy in the area due to misuse of funds. Now the link shows an error 404.

Official Glatskih: “It's slander. There was no such phrase.”

On November 5, a couple of days after the publication, the official tried to justify herself saying that she did not tell such a phrase and that her words were misinterpreted: “It's slander. There was no such phrase. The context of the conversation has to be taken into account,” she explained in a comment to the 360 channel. “I did not watch the video.”

However, then the official apologized: "I admit that this thought was expressed too straightforwardly, and I apologize for such a harsh statement."

A little later, Kommersant-Ural published the official statement of Olga Glatskih: “I am truly ashamed of the fact that I expressed myself in such a way and could not accurately and correctly deliver my thoughts to the young people who participated in the roundtable. I would like to emphasize that young people should assess their potential, be proactive, using their resources and strength to achieve their goals. When I and my sports colleagues were 12–15 years old, we didn’t think that the state should give us everything. Yes, as now the state gave us the opportunity to realize ourselves, but we were motivated by inner pride in the great country, the flag of which fluttered when we won. Teachers, coaches and relatives have always taught to love your homeland, to fight for it, to give all their energy and strength to win in sports, in school, and in self-development.”

Then, apparently, in order to change the situation, the official quickly took leave, got the crib from her low wage (according to the tax declaration for 2017, published on the website of the government of the Sverdlovsk region, head of the youth policy department of the region Olga Glatskih earned more than 1.5 million rubles) and drove off to the Seychelles. According to the information of 66.RU, Glatskih are cruising on a yacht between Seychelles not alone, but in the company of Legislative Assembly deputy Alexander Serebrennikov. By the way, the Panorama hotel, in which educational events for children and young people were held, belongs to him.


MP Alexander Serebrennikov

Olga Glatskih’s companion, Alexander Serebrennikov, is a member of the United Russia party, deputy chairman of the social policy committee, a member of the commission for monitoring the data on income, property and property obligations represented by deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region. Serebrennikov's political career began in 2000. At the moment, Serebrennikov runs four operating companies and is the founder of six firns (one of them is in the process of liquidation). Recently, his name has been mentioned in the media precisely in connection with business activities: a corporate conflict Serebrennikov with his former business partner Vladimir Titov. It came to a series of trials. The entrepreneurs did not share the money and shares in the business and just filed applications against each other.

According to information from the official website of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, Alexander Serebrennikov is married and has two children.

The image of official Olga Glatskih: yesterday's victories, today's revenues

Olga Glatskih is the professional artistic gymnast, Honored Master of Sports and Olympic champion in 2004 in group exercises. She repeatedly referred to this fact of her biography, emphasizing that she achieved everything thanks to her hard work, her parents and coaches support.


Olympic champion Olga Glatskih (first left) with her team and coach Irina Viner

As we have noted above, Olga Glatskih earned more than 1.5 million rubles in 2017. Glatskih owns two land plots of 900 and 533 sq. m.; apartment with an area of 116 square meters, garage, cars Mercedes-Benz ML 350 and Lada 212140. She also rents two more flats. In 2016, Glatskih declared 4.25 million rubles, but she assumed her current position only in mid-December of 2016.


Olga Glatskih in her hometown of Lesnaya in the Sverdlovsk region    

Perhaps Glatskih misunderstands how average family lives in Russia. Olga came from a reasonably wealthy family: her father, Vyacheslav Glatskih, was a well-known businessman in the Sverdlovsk region, the founder of five companies that are mainly engaged in the construction and maintenance of roads. According to, in 2015, Olga Glatskih's father was called one of the “Kings of the Sverdlovsk roads” because his company Remstroygaz LLC (the general director is Olga’s brother Artem Glatskih) regularly wins tenders and receives one of the most significant amounts for repair of roads in the Middle Urals. Also, the father of the former athlete owns Bim-Service LLC - the company has existed since 2002 and is mainly engaged in renting and leasing construction machinery and equipment, as well as buying, selling and renting its real estate. At the helm of this company, there is the whole Glatskih family: father Vyacheslav Glatskih, brother Artem Glatskih and mother, Zoya Glatskih. Olga Glatskih is also a co-owner of the company, but, having become the official in 2016, she transferred her 16% share in trust management.


After the departure of Olga Glatskih from the big sport and before the start of her political career in 2016, she disappeared for a long time. During this “period of silence” she managed to get two educations (diploma of a political scientist at Moscow State University (2011) and a diploma in the specialty “Financial management” of the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation), to work as an assistant to the head of the Federal Service for Transport Supervision (Rostransnadzor) at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, and then in the Polylog Consulting Group, get married, bear a son, get a divorce.

“They gave me an executive body, but I don’t know what to do with it. It was fun."

According to, the swift and vivid start of Glatskih's political career did not happen without the support of influential United Russia party members - aforementioned sponsor of the Sverdlovsk United Russia, pharmaceutical magnate Alexander Serebrennikov (with whom she is resting now) and Viktor Shepty. In 2016, she failed to win the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, but a month later she was appointed Advisor to the Sverdlovsk Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev and headed the youth policy department of the Sverdlovsk region.

Earlier, an audio recording, on which Olga Glatskih (judging by context and voice) in an informal conversation tells how she became the official, hit the web: “He says, are you ready to head? <...> I am 27 years old. What is 27 years old and an executive body? I even have no idea what a budget is; I don’t understand anything. And he [apparently, we are talking about Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev] says to me: the budget is there, the money is there, the responsibility is there. I say: yes, I know. And I agree with this story. I have no team; I have been living in this area for two months, I don’t know anyone here. And I had no other alternatives than to agree with the Governor. <...> Everyone congratulates me, but I do not know what to do. They gave me an executive body, but I do not know what to do with it. It was fun."


Glatskih said in her comment to Kommersant-Ural that she was not ashamed of what she managed to do in two years of work in this position. Olga Glatskih achieved moving of 551 young families in new apartments, the creation of a regional educational center Golden Section, the entry of the Sverdlovsk region into the top three leading areas of the development of volunteering and a “jump in the rating of regions in the field of effective implementation of youth policy” in 2016. Also, she indicated that she received a letter of thanks from the President of Russia, as well as a commemorative medal from the President for her work at the World Festival of Youth and Students.

"Olga Glatskih unwittingly told the truth." How the state apparatus and the public reacted

The Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Evgeny Kuyvashev, wrote in his Instagram that he regretted his subordinate’s words and disagreed with them: “The state conducts a consistent demographic policy with the aim of increasing fertility. Secondly, of course, the state has obligations to its citizens and will fulfill them.”


Other representatives of the government also reacted to the scandalous statement of the official: for example, deputy of the State Duma and member of the Presidium of the General Council of United Russia Alena Arshinova said that the statement of the official testifies to her incompetence and misunderstanding of state policy. Her colleague, a deputy from the Communist Party, Valery Rashkin, expressed more harshly, expressing hope that the official would be dismissed. The head of the Duma committee, representative of the LDPR party Mikhail Degtyarev, noted that the very statement of the official was outrageous and deserving of condemnation, and also characterizes the poor personnel work in the region. At the same time, Degtyarev thinks: “Olga Glatskih unwittingly told the truth. She appealed to people 18+, that is, conceived and born before 2000. So everything is true: in the 1990s, the state did not ask the parents of today's youth to give birth. The state generally barely breathed.”

The deputy chairman of the Duma Education Committee, Boris Chernyshov, also criticized the statement of Olga Glatskih on the air of Moscow Says: “This inaccuracy is truly monstrous. The President of the Russian Federation declared a decade of childhood. Now we need to support people, especially our children, who later become the same Olympic champions. And if the state would not have allocated money, perhaps this official would not have become an Olympic champion at the time.”

At the same time, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science, Gennady Onishchenko, defended the official in his comment to the Federal News Agency: “But I would like to speak in her defense. I have questions, rather, to those who appointed her, who coordinated her candidacy. You can be a good athlete, taut cute young woman, but it is not enough. In my opinion, what has happened is a consequence of recruitment policy. Nobody prepared her for this work, no one tested her, and now she can be frustrated because she is sure of what she said. She spoke calmly and not in a fit of some emotional upsurge when a person is all in the grip of emotions. She was taught that way. Therefore, it seems to me; it is necessary to fall behind the pace of her."


The statement of the official immediately divided the users of social networks into two militant camps. Most of them go nuts on against Olga Glatskih, accusing her of stating that the state doesn’t need children, and a smaller one supported Glatskih, praising her for honesty and the actual position of the country “without make-up.”



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