Official Alexander Drymanov may resign after vacation

Official Alexander Drymanov may resign after vacation
Alexander Drymanov

Obligations of the Head of the Directorate are currently performed by the Deputy Head of the Main Investigative Directorate (MID) of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR), Andrey Strizhov.

The Head of the ICR’s MID for the Moscow region, Major-General Alexander Drymanov, will step down after his vacation, Interfax reported, citing informed sources. According to the interlocutor of the agency, some time ago Drymanov took a vacation leave with the subsequent resignation. Obligations of the Head of the Directorate are currently performed by the Deputy Head of the ICR’s MID, Andrey Strizhov.

Drymanov himself refuted this information. He told Interfax that he would "look into this." The official site of the ICR indicates Strizhov as the Head of the Moscow Directorate in the management section. That said, according to Google's cache, Drymanov's last name was there even the day before.

The CrimeRussia reported that Drymanov filed a letter of resignation as early as June 1, 2018. The document, which was at the disposal of the publication, was dated May 30, 2019. The General indicated superannuation as the reason for leaving.

Earlier, Drymanov's name began to appear in the testimony of the defendants in the case of a bribe from thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) to officers of the ICR Mikhail Maksimenko, Alexander Lamonov, and Denis Nikandrov. Former subordinate of the General, ex-Head of the Investigation Department of the ICR for the Central Administrative District of Moscow Alexey Kramarenko testified that he had released Shakro's henchman Andrey Kochuykov under the personal order of the chief who was involved in receiving the bribe.

Denis Nikandrov, former Deputy of Drymanov, also testified against the General. According to him, he gave the Head a bribe in the amount of 10 thousand euros. Drymanov explained the words of the former subordinate with "moral and physical fatigue."

In September 2017, there were reports on searches in the office and at the house of Drymanov. The General and the department denied this information. Drymanov claimed that he had no status in the case of Shakro Molodoy. The media reported that after the searches he filed for resignation, but the Head of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin did not satisfy it. In March 2018, Drymanov told about the award pistols seized from him during the searches.

Kommersant informed that after the dismissal, Drymanov could become a lawyer. Such a development of events will allow the General to remain a subject of the exclusive jurisdiction of the ICR, not the FSB. At the same time, Drymanov's rank will go down, the source said. It is not only the Head of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin who will be able to bring the General to justice but also the Head of any regional Investigative Directorate of the ICR.



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