Novgorod region Governor to scale up his own and subordinates wages

Novgorod region Governor to scale up his own and subordinates wages
Andrey Nikitin

Nikitin claims that this is necessary to increase the salaries of other government employees.⁠

The Novgorod parliament adopted the regional budget for 2018 in the first reading. Regional authorities announced that the adopted budget is socially oriented, but the costs of many social items are cut, while the salary of the regional Head and his deputies will increase significantly.

According to the adopted draft budget, the annual salary of Governor Andrey Nikitin in 2018 will be increased by 1 million rubles ($17.000) in comparison with 2017 and will amount to 3 million 962 thousand rubles ($67.150). Also, the salary of the regional Legislative Assembly chairman, leader of Novgorod United Russia party Elena Pisareva, will also grow by a million rubles. Her salary will be 3 million 725 thousand rubles a year. In addition, there will be a significant increase in salaries to all eight deputy governors. The regional budget will spend 35 million 536 thousand rubles ($602.250) on this, while in 2017 the maintenance of all deputy governors cost 18 million 212 thousand rubles ($314.150).

In addition, the adopted new budget has significant reductions in social sphere. For example, funding for the implementation of the presidential May decrees will be reduced by 40 million rubles ($677.900). Expenses on financing outpatient care will decrease by 88 million rubles. 90 million rubles spending on medicines for beneficiaries will be slashed.

The list of ‘slashed’ articles can be continued for a long time. But the financing of bureaucracy and the Governor's favorite projects will be increased. Among them, 98.3 million rubles will be allocated for the Quantorium project, 15 million rubles will be spent on the championship of working professions Worldskills, and the tourist office of Rus Novgorodskaya will get 11.1 million rubles.

Previously, Nikitin stated that an increase in payments is necessary to raise salaries for all government employees. Nikitin assured that the increase in salaries for employees would not entail an increase in budget expenditures and would be made at the expense of saving money, and promised that after adopting the budget, he intended to sign a decree to reduce his personal salary.



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