Novaya Gazeta exposes cruise voting in Moscow governor election

Novaya Gazeta exposes cruise voting in Moscow governor election
Photo: RIA Novosti

The publication claims that about 200 election commission members were involved in the Balashikha electoral fraud.

About 200 members of election commissions in the Moscow suburban town were allegedly involved in an electoral fraud during the governor election, Novaya Gazeta reports. The publication reports over 300 cruise voters as can be evidenced by video footage from polling stations.

The journalists looked through the video footage from 48 polling stations in Balashikha and concluded that some members of the election commissions helped arrange cruise voting and even threw the ballots into the boxes themselves. Novaya Gazeta revealed violations at stations No. 77, 183, 564, 567, 568, 569, 570, 39, 45, 576, 578 and others.

Levon Smirnov, a municipal deputy of Moscow’s Akademichesky district, who was one of the fraud witnesses, said that the cruise voters changed their clothes to vote again.

Andrei Vorobyov, the incumbent head of the region, won with 62.52% of the vote. According to the CEC, 78.9% of voters supported him.



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