No Udmurtia colonies for HRC

No Udmurtia colonies for HRC

The Head of the Council for Human Rights under the Russian President complained to another denial of visits to places of detention.⁠

Head of the Council on Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) under the Russian President Mikhail Fedotov said that the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment (FSIN) denied a request of visiting prison colonies in Udmurtia again.

"We received a response from the FSIN, which exactly coincides with the answer that we received earlier on the request to allow visits to Karelian prisons," TASS quoted Fedotov.

The Head of the HRC insists that the refusal is contrary to the law on the Federal Penitentiary Service, as human rights defenders have the right to visit the prison detention center without permission.

Earlier, the Presidium of the HRC discussed discovered in Karelia human rights violations. As the CrimeRussia reported, representatives of the Council planned to hold a meeting in Karelia between February 8 and 10, during which they were going to visit the prison and detention centers of the Republic, but the FSIN refused.

Recall that in the autumn of 2016 the media published a letter signed by Ildar Dadin (Russian first convicted under violations of the rules of the rallies), in which he claimed of torture and abuse in Karelian prison, where he was serving his sentence. Independent doctors, who examined the convict, did not find signs of injuries, the investigators also said they did not find evidence of the use of physical violence to Dadin in the colony.

Later it became known that after checking Dadin was transferred to a penal colony in the Altai region. Now, the activist is released in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.



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