Nikolay Patrushev's family can gain control of missile corporation

Nikolay Patrushev's family can gain control of missile corporation
Nikolay Patrushev

The enterprise in question is Takticheskoye Raketnoye Vooruzheniye (Tactical Missile Armament Corporation).

The family of Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev is trying to take control of one of the key enterprises of the Russian missile-building industry – Takticheskoye Raketnoye Vooruzheniye - KTRV (Tactical Missile Armament Corporation). This is stated in the investigation, published by the publication Proekt.

It is alleged that Patrushev came into conflict with the head of KTRV, Boris Obnosov, after Obnosov's corporation was acquired by the concern Morskoye podvodnoye oruzhiye — Gidropribor (Marine Underwater Weapons – Hydrodevice) which produces mines and torpedoes. This group is managed by the nephew of the head of the Security Council, Vladimir Patrushev.

According to Proekt, the decision to include Gidropribor in the KTRV was repeatedly postponed: Nikolai Patrushev was against it. “He personally took out the relevant decree from the documents folder that the president was supposed to sign,” says the source close to the Security Council office.

However, the CEO of KTRV Boris Obnosov was able to persuade Vladimir Putin: he was in good standing with the head of state, and during the presidential campaign of 2018 he was his confidant. In addition, he is supported by the first deputy head of the government office, Sergey Prikhodko. Proekt reports that now traditional tools for inter-elite conflicts are used against the corporation, i.e. searches, wiretapping of telephone conversations and criminal cases against top managers.

In particular, the investigations concern counterfeit ammunition produced by the KTRV and the disposal of missiles. In the case of convictions, the resignation of the KTRV’s CEO, Boris Obnosov, is probable, and the corporation itself is expected to undergo major changes that will affect the entire industry, Proekt notes. It is not ruled out that in this case Vladimir Patrushev will head the corporation, which will finally become the zone of influence of Nikolay Patrushev.

The struggle for the KTRV is explained by the fact that missile industry is a multibillion-dollar market which produces new items of the military-industrial complex that Vladimir Putin likes to demonstrate. The KTRV, for example, produces a cruise missile X-10. At the same time, Patrushev himself is passionate about rocket engineering: he graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute, where he studied at the department for “design and production of torpedo weapons,” recalls the publication.

Obnosov and Patrushev did not answer the questions of Proekt.

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