Nightmarized businessmen Rostov city-manager will head Khimki

Nightmarized businessmen Rostov city-manager will head Khimki
Sergey Gorban

At the meeting Sergey Gorban said goodbye to colleagues.⁠

The City Manager of Rostov-on-Don Sergey Gorban will head the Khimki Administration in the Moscow region, the source said to the edition Delovoe soobshestvo. According to the source, Gorban commented on his resignation from the post at the last meeting.

Many regional politicians were surprised by the sudden resignation of the Rostov city manager, however, they wished him a successful career. They spoke very warmly about the Head, calling him a "strong and effective manager", "leader" and "strong-willed, decisive Head." Gorban has done much to "improve the appearance of Rostov-on-Don, for Don modernizing, for the formation of an open Government that hears the citizens and tries to talk to them."

However, among the citizens the “strong and effective manager" is better known for his outrageous statements and rigid behavior. He did not hesitate to openly nightmarize local entrepreneurs.

In 2015 the businessman Vasily Tarasenko, who won the contract for the implementation of works on improvement of the city, found himself in jail on trumped-up criminal case. When he was released thanks to the efforts of a lawyer, Tarasenko demanded to return previously transferred to the city budget 4 133 727 rubles. The Head of Rostov appointed a personal meeting with the businessman, on which the city manager publicly stated that "as long as I runs the city, you will not see the money," while giving the command to his subordinates to put the Tarasenko’s company into black list.

The complete helplessness the “strong-willed and decisive manager" demonstrated during the disaster that struck Rostov in July this year. It turned out that the city sorely outdated drainages, in connection with which the city was flooded. On the first day there were cases with fatal outcome: a 14-year-old girl was knocked down by a strong flow and pulled under the car, out of which she was not able to get out. Another teenager suffered from a broken wire of the power line. In response to the criticism on the situation with the city drainages the city manager calmly replied: "If nothing has been done to make drainages for 24 years, then I can not change the situation for a year."

The popular discontent has repeatedly poured in a petition to dismiss Gorban from his Mayor’s post. The reasons for the resignation the citizens called the loss of confidence, the sole adoption of socially important decisions, the ignorance of the expert community of the city and activists.

However, the city manager position remained unshakeable thanks to the powerful cover – the friendship with the Governor of the region Vasily Golubev. They had known each other for a long time, since the days of joint work in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region, where Golubev was the Head of the district and Gorban was his deputy.



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