New scheme of deputies' transport maintenance requires additional 215 million rubles

New scheme of deputies' transport maintenance requires additional 215 million rubles
Igor Lebedev proposes to allocate additional 700 thousand rubles for each deputy

The parliamentarians are offered to monetize their right to a service car.

Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Igor Lebedev proposed a new scheme of deputies' transport maintenance, according to RBC. This plan has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Finance; it requires additional 215 million rubles per year.

During the autumn session the issue of deputies trips to native regions was raised. MPs complained that the local administration gives them official transport only on regional week, which takes place once a month, but it is not enough.

Previously, the scheme worked like this: the local administration provided deputies with a car, but the expenses for its use were sent to the State Duma. Now, Lebedev offers to monetize the right of deputies for transport. A budget to travel to the regions and meetings with voters will be allocated to each people's choice. The vice-speaker offers each to use the budget at his/her discretion: some prefers a taxi, someone buys a car, and someone safes this money for personal use. Thus, they will not have problems with local leaders.

In accordance with the same scheme, about 100-110 million rubles a year will be allocated for travels. The new scheme will require additional 215 million; Thus, the budget will reach 315 million a year - about 700 thousand rubles for each parliamentarian. However, as noted by Lebedev, the final word rests with the Finance Ministry, which has not yet made its assessment.

According to the Rules Committee of the Communist Party member Vladimir Pozdnyakov, the new distribution of funds will balance the budget for trips of MPs, because one deputy spends 300 thousand rubles, another - 19 million rubles. His colleague from the Edinaya Rossiya Olga Savostyanova, talking about this MP, says that 19 million has been spent on five years of traveling.

According to estimates of the Communist Party member Nikolay Kolomoitsev, the people's choice must have not less than 1 million rubles a year for this purpose. Another party's member Valery Rashkin says that the idea of monetization was offered eight years ago, but then it was rejected. Member of Spravedlivaya Rossiya Mikhail Emelyanov says that 'leveling' will not solve the problem, because all the regions differ in terms of size and quality of roads.



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