New job for Chaika’s deputy found

New job for Chaika’s deputy found
Vladimir Malinovsky

The Federation Council has approved Vladimir Malinovsky’s candidacy.

The Federation Council has endorsed the resignation of the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika, Vladimir Malinovsky. He will get a new post in the supervisory authority, sources say.

“The Federation Council has voted for the removal of Malinovsky from office,” 360 TV channel reports, citing Deputy Prosecutor General Yury Ponomarev. At the same time, a new post of Malinovsky is not specified, but it is known that he will remain an advisor to the Prosecutor General.

Earlier it became known that Malinovsky resigned, asking to release him from his functions due to reaching the retirement age and health grounds.

In March, Malinovsky ended up in intensive care. Getting out of a car, he slipped and fell. He came to his senses only in a few days.

Malinovsky worked as Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Yury Chaika in the Urals Federal District from September to December 2018. After that, he was transferred to work in Siberia.



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