New head of Kama region Reshetnikov criticized his predecessor Basargin

New head of Kama region Reshetnikov criticized his predecessor Basargin
Maksim Reshetnikov

Acting Governor of the Kama region Maksim Reshetnikov has criticized his predecessor Viktor Basargin, saying that public procurement in the region had been carried out in a dishonest way.

He also said that he plans to completely change the system of public procurement in the Kama region and make this budget expenditure 'transparent.'

Last Wednesday on February 22, Acting Head of the Kama region Maksim Reshetnikov held an open meeting of the regional government, during which he announced his intention to reform the regional public procurement system.

He stressed that over 44 billion rubles (753 million dollars) were spent on public procurement in 2016. In total, there were carried out about 36 thousand purchases, and in 1,358 cases irregularities were detected.

According to Maksim Reshetnikov, to date there is no clear scheme and analysis of which government purchases are really needed, as well as to what extent the pricing is correct. 

Following the results of the meeting, officials decided to establish an interagency working group chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Antipina. Previously, she had headed the Regional Ministry of Finance, but in late January this year, the now ex-Governor Victor Basargin sacked her.

Maksim Reshetnikov, in turn, emphasizes the need to make all public procurements 'transparent' and clear to business. It is planned that the working group will meet every week.

According to Olga Antipina, now government purchases are planned and carried out untimely; moreover, their validity is not controlled and not checked by anyone. Prices are also generated incorrectly. 

"Our main task is to shift the focus from the follow-up control of procurement to the preliminary control," the official stressed.

Let us recall that Viktor Basargin had voluntarily left his post as head of the region; February 6, Vladimir Putin proposed to the 37-year-old Moscow official Maksim Reshetnikov to head the Perm region.



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