Presidential Administration protégé is to get post of Culture Minister

Presidential Administration protégé is to get post of Culture Minister
Sergey Novikov

The New Times says Kiriyenko has already discussed this issue with the country's leadership.

After the spring elections, Head of the Presidential Administration for public projects Sergey Novikov could replace Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky. The New Times reports about it.

It is reported that Novikov is a  protégé of First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergey Kiriyenko. According to sources, the question of appointing Novikov as the Minister of Culture has already been discussed with the leadership of Russia.

Kremlin calls Sergey Novikov Kiriyenko’s protégé. Both officials are from Nizhny Novgorod. They began working together in 2001, when Kiriyenko was the Presidential Envoy to the Volga Federal District. In fact, all this time Sergey Novikov held the status of Kiriyenko’s press secretary. Together they moved to work in Rosatom, and in 2016, when Kiriyenko was invited to the Kremlin for Putin’s election campaign, he took Sergey Novikov with him.

Novikov is a person related to culture. He graduated from the music school, and when he became an official, staged two opera performances. Another interesting fact - until the end of 2016, Sergey Novikov regularly appeared on the TV show What? Where? When? He defended the interests of experts as a representative of Rosatom.

Rumors about the resignation of Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky are spread. State Duma deputy Elena Yampolskaya, presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy, as well as Deputy Minister Alexander Zhuravsky were brought forward as wannabes.



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