Vice-mayor of Omsk complains about low salaries of officials

Vice-mayor of Omsk complains about low salaries of officials
Inna Parygina

In 2016, Inna Parygina ranked second by income level among heads of departments and vice-mayors of Omsk, earning 3.86 million rubles ($65.2 thousand), which is at least 320 thousand rubles ($5.4 thousand) a month.

Vice-Mayor of Omsk and Head of the City Department of Finance Inna Parygina has complained about the low salaries of officials, SuperOmsk reports.

Omsk officials carry "a huge burden and responsibility for their work, yet they have a small salary," Parygina said. Last year, she was listed as number 2 in terms of income among the heads of departments and vice-mayors of the city administration, earning 3.86 million rubles.

The amount is roughly equivalent to a monthly salary of 321 thousand rubles, Dozhd TV channel reports. According to the documents, Parygina and her husband own an apartment, a house, and two plots of land.

In 2015, according to OmskInform, Inna Parygina became a defendant in the case of document forgery and swindling on an especially large scale – in 2009, she received an interest-free loan of 1.5 million rubles ($25.3 thousand) for the purchase of an apartment, although the level of her family’s income exceeded the amount needed for the subsidy. Year later, the case was terminated on the grounds of non-rehabilitation after Parygina's petition for the expiration of the statute of limitations.

As for the level of Omsk residents' income, in April 2017, the local publication Om1 citing statistical data reported that the average salary amounted to 29 thousand and 478 rubles ($490), which is 10% more than the previous month.

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