National Guard Major General caught drunk behind wheel

National Guard Major General caught drunk behind wheel
Yevgeny Berezin

Traffic police officers stopped the deputy commander of the National Guard in the Privolzhsky district in the Vladimir region.

The deputy commander of the Rosguard for the Volga Federal District, Yevgeny Berezin, got behind the wheel in a state of severe intoxication. In this condition he was stopped by the traffic police.

When the Major General's Mitsubishi Outlander was stopped in the Sobinsky district of the Vladimir region, traffic police officers immediately noticed all signs of alcohol intoxication. At the same time, a high-ranking officer refused medical certification on the spot, after which he had to be taken to the nearest police station.

There, the suspicions of law enforcement about intoxication have already been confirmed. Meanwhile there is no data on how this will affect the service of Major General.



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