Natalya Agafieva may become Deputy Head of MIA Investigation Department

Natalya Agafieva may become Deputy Head of MIA Investigation Department
Natalya Agafieva

The Moscow Police Chief investigator Natalya Agafieva goes for promotion and will be engaged in the most important investigations at the federal level.⁠

The Head of the Main Investigation Department of the MIA in Moscow Natalia Agafieva is preparing for promotion and will soon become the Deputy Head of the MIA Investigative Department. According to Life, citing its source, after that she may become the First Deputy Head of the Investigation department. For now, this position belongs to the Lieutenant-General Yuri Shinin. However, in the near future he may write a report on retirement due to health condition.

"Shinin hardly appears at work now, and most of the time he is on medical leave," said the source.

Natalya Agafieva is known as a demanding leader in the Moscow Investigation Department of MIA. Perhaps the appointment is related to the need of restoring order in the new office.

Until May 2014, Agafieva served as the Deputy Head of MIA in the Central Federal District and led the district Department of investigation.

It remains unknown who will head the Main Investigation Department of MIA in Moscow after Agafieva leaves. Her current first Deputy, the Colonel Igor Veretennikov, have already written a retirement report.

As a reminder, staff of several offices in the Main Investigation Department were taken off the payroll. They are to be united into a single management to investigate high-profile cases under the leadership of the Lieutenant Colonel of Justice Igor Kruzhilin. He will become the Deputy Head of the Investigative unit of the Main Investigation Department.

It is worth noting that the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in Moscow had questions to Natalya Agafieva regarding the case of the construction company Energostroykomplekt-M in 2014. The security officers learned that the Deputy of CEO Dmitry Dvoinykh proposed to the staff of the ICR Investigation Department in Moscow to add straw persons in the list of shareholders in houses under construction in the Southern Tushino. These imaginary shareholders never invested in the project. Investigators were to recognize them as victims and include them in a special register of defrauded real estate investors. Afterwards, those fake shareholders appealed to the Moscow government with a request to grant them apartments. The city authorities were known to take the commitments on many "construction pyramids," including Energostroykomplekt-M. In 2010-2012, dozens of apartments were stolen through this scheme, and the damages amounted to hundreds of millions of rubles. Though at the time of the theft, Agafieva was the Head of the MIA Main Investigation Department in the Central Federal District, the arrests and searches in this state institution were conducted during that period. At that time, Agafieva was directly involved in keeping the register of defrauded real estate investors, which was used for fictitious persons. The story was hushed up, although Agafieva’s transfer to another post was considered as one of the possible options.

On a side note, at the end of 2015, a special group was created in the Main Investigation Department of the MIA in Moscow to investigate the case of black realtors. This group was headed by no-one but Natalya Agafieva.



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