Natalia Poklonskaya moved to Moscow

Natalia Poklonskaya moved to Moscow

The elected Deputy of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, the former Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya will move the family to Moscow to live and work in one place.

Poklonskaya was elected to the State Duma of the seventh convocation on the list of the Edinaya Rossiya Party. From March 25, 2014 she led the Prosecutor's Office of the Crimea.

"In order to complete the work in the State Duma, I will have to leave the Crimea, - said the ex-Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea, the State Duma Deputy from the Edinaya Rossiya party Natalia Poklonskaya. “After the election to the State Duma of the seventh convocation on the list of Edinaya Rossiya party, she intends to move to Moscow", - said in a statement.

According Poklonskaya, who are cited in the report, on Saturday evening she takes off from Moscow to the Crimea to pack up and go back to the capital.

"How to work and live in another place? I will live and work here. While the family will stay in the Crimea for a few weeks, and then I will take away the family", - added Poklonskaya.

She stressed that the use of 16-years of experience in the Prosecutor's Office for the good of the country.

In a single day of voting on September 18 in Russia it held elections to the State Duma of the seventh convocation. The Parliament passed the six parties: Edinaya Rossiya party with a constitutional majority (343 mandates), Communist Party (42 seats), Liberal Democratic Party (39 seats), Spravedlivaya Rossiyaa (23 mandates) and Rodina (one seat) and Grazhdanskaya Platforma (one seat), in addition, a mandate from the candidate nominated through self-nomination.



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