Murmansk Deputy Governor fired after lying about doctor wages to Putin at phone-in

Murmansk Deputy Governor fired after lying about doctor wages to Putin at phone-in
Inna Pogrebnyak

Andrei Chibis, the region head, explained the decision saying that his subordinate had misled him about the salaries in the region.

Andrei Chibis, acting governor of the Murmansk region, signed an order to dismiss his deputy, Inna Pogrebnyak. According to the region head, after a national phone-in with Vladimir Putin, it turned out that his deputy had been giving him unreliable information about the medical profession salaries throughout the region.

“For a whole set of reasons, Inna Pogrebnyak is no longer a member of the government. The focus is on health worker salaries. Even an express check by us shows that I had been misled when they told me we do not have doctors who make less than the subsistence minimum. Turns out we do,” Chibis said commenting on the decision.

He added that the authorities now intend to pay due attention to medicine. They are going to fix the ratio of salaries and additional allowances. According to Chibis, the lack of income stability “discourages doctors both from coming and staying” in the region.

The governor also acknowledged that the provision of medicines to the residents of the Murmansk region presents severe difficulties. The subject was raised during the Putin phone-in. Chibis admitted the lack of measures being taken to reduce heart attack mortality since the region has the highest heart attack mortality rate in the country.

“The plans to reduce it by 2024 are very unambitious. We are not taking enough measures,” Chibis concluded.



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