Moscow Chief Prosecutor triples his earnings

Moscow Chief Prosecutor triples his earnings
Vladimir Churikov

The annual income of Vladimir Churikov exceeded 8 million rubles ($129.200).

Moscow Chief Prosecutor Vladimir Churikov announced his tax return for 2017. According to the declaration, the salary of the prosecutor tripled.

So, in 2016 he earned 2.832.694 rubles ($45.750), in 2017 – 5.233.389 rubles ($84.500). His wife gained her fortune quickly: in 2016 she did not earn a penny, in 2017 she declared 176.408 rubles ($2850).

The prosecutor owns an apartment of about 120 square meters and a garage of 41.8 square meters. His wife keeps a new apartment of 96.5 square meters. They sold 84.7 square meters apartment. The car park is still the same - Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Also, the declaration of Moscow First Deputy Prosecutor Oleg Manakov, appointed in March 2017, was published. He uses a house of 492.5 square meters and a land plot of 1330 square meters, owned by his wife.

The income of Manakov increased by only 402.505 rubles and now amounts to 2.542.774 rubles ($40.400). But the wife of the deputy prosecutor increased her earnings almost twice - up to 8.834.758 rubles ($142.200). Also, the woman purchased a Mercedes-Benz S 350, while Manakov continues to drive an Audi A6.

Second deputy prosecutor of Moscow Vladimir Vedernikov and his wife still own an apartment of 37 square meters. The child of the deputy prosecutor became the owner of 251 square meters plot share and a house in 393 square meters. Parents are considered only tenants of this mansion. At the same time, Vedernikov's earnings increased slightly - to 2 232 122 rubles ($36.050). The income of his wife was reduced to 276 rubles.



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