Moscow MIA Central Board expects shake-up

Moscow MIA Central Board expects shake-up
The Central Board of the Russian Interior Ministry building in Moscow

The new Head of Petrovka (the building where the MIA Central Board is located) Oleg Baranov said about bringing order to the Moscow police.

Until the end of 2016 a non-public examination will be held in all 125 district departments and 10 county offices of the Moscow police. According to Life citing a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, units will be stripped from the team of the former Central Board Head Anatoly Yakunin and officers with a dubious reputation.

In addition, according to Life, the appointed in September Head of the Moscow Central Board Oleg Baranov recently held a meeting concerning the fight against organized crime in the capital. According to the edition, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) detectives were ordered to deal with main criminal groups in Moscow. The reason is the expansion in the number of attacks on offices, apartments and shops in the capital. Experts of the 6th operatively-search unit of the CID should bring up to speed on successes at the final meeting, which is scheduled for early January 2017.

The Acting Head of the CID, the Colonel Alexander Polovinka will personally monitor the fight against crime in the capital; he was formerly one of the candidates for the post of the CID Head.

Meanwhile, only in October there were committed more than 40 attacks in Moscow. At the same time, it is problematic to catch criminals - the level of attacks has grown.

One of the latest attacks was committed in the Krylatskoye district of Moscow. An armed gang stole from the Rosenergobank cash register 2 million rubles. The criminals managed to escape, the interception plan gave no results. Other armed attack on a bank occurred on October 4 in the east of Moscow. Injuring the bank's security guard the robbers stole 2 million rubles and fled.

It is known, the new management often ties problems with former superiors. The MIA Central Board is no exception. According to Life, the hey-day of crime in the capital occurred under the General Anatoly Yakunin – the CID drowned in the official reporting and red taping, the mass exodus of professionals began in 2013, so, there were no professionals to combat crime. The hey-day of criminality in the CID associates with Anatoly Yakunin – in the spring 2016 the FSB Department M detained CID investigators in connection with the apartment scam.

Recall, on the resignation of the former Head of the Moscow Police Anatoly Yakunin it became known on September 23, 2016. The post of the Moscow MIA CID Head took the Yakunin's ex-Deputy Oleg Baranov. By order of the President Yakunin led the operational management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.



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