Moscow Mayor's office to spend $100m on illuminating trees

Moscow Mayor's office to spend $100m on illuminating trees
New Year's illumination in Tverskaya Street in 2017

The richest official of the Moscow Mayor's office intends to turn the Boulevard Ring into the "main linear park of the city" with the help of landscape lighting.⁠

The authorities of the capital announced a competition for organizing "decorative lighting of green spaces" on the Boulevard Ring of Moscow. They intend to decorate the area of ​​Vorobyovy Gory the same way. In total, about 6 billion rubles ($99.2m) will be spent on landscape lighting, Meduza informs.

Thus, almost 3.47 billion rubles ($57.4m) are planned to be spent on lighting of trees on the Boulevard Ring and "improvement for the purpose of highlighting their decorative and artistic qualities". It will work in four modes: evening regular, night, festive and seasonal. This way the Boulevard Ring is planned to be turned into the "main linear park of the city".

It should be noted that last year more than 8 billion rubles ($132.3m) were spent on the reconstruction of this district: renewal of communications, laying of tiles, replacement of lighting poles, planting trees and repairing the facades of buildings. Thus, the improvement of the Boulevard Ring will cost 12.3 billion rubles ($203.5m).

Kosygin's Street and Vorobyovy Gory will be illuminated for 2.7 billion rubles ($44.6 m). This, as they the documents read, will provide "visual comfort and artistic expressiveness of the evening light-colored environment of the object."

The winner of the competition for the development of project documentation for landscape lighting was Arkhkom company, which belongs to 24-year-old Georgy Golubkov. The cost of this contract is estimated at 24.5 million rubles ($405.4 thousand).

Earlier, the same company won contracts with various divisions of the Moscow Mayor's office for the development of project documentation, design and survey works, supervision, etc. on 532 million rubles ($8.8m). The portfolio of Arkhkoma also features the development of a project on the architectural lighting of the traffic intersection at the crossing of Varshavskoye highway and the Moscow Ring Road.

For the first time, landscape illumination of lawns and trees within the framework of Moya Ulitsa (My Street) program was done in 2016 at seven junctions of the Moscow Ring Road with departing highways - the city spent almost 470 million rubles ($7.7m) on it (another 1.4 billion ($23.1m) spent on lighting the junctions themselves).

The contracts for these projects are usually received by company Spetsstroy, affiliated with development company Capital Group, which belongs to businessman Pavel Te. Arkhkom denies any connection with him, however, according to Meduza, a number of files from the project documentation of Arkhkom was created on the computers of holding company Capital Group.

The customer for the landscape lighting is the Department of Fuel and Energy of Moscow. The same department was dealt with the New Year's decoration of the capital, namely the decoration of Tverskaya Street. Then the authorities bought decorative "wine glasses" for 2.24 million rubles ($37 thousand) apiece. The cost of the garlands, presumably, was overestimated by about five times. However, Head of the department Pavel Livinsky, said that the city had saved, because according to the price-lists "these decorations cost 3.3 million ($54.6 thousand)."

Павел Ливинский

Head of the Department of Fuel and Energy Economy Pavel Livinsky

Livinsky, following the results of the declarations campaign this year, became the richest official in the Moscow Mayor's office. He earned 203.8 million rubles ($3.3m) - more than 2 times more than the richest official in 2015, the Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations, Sergey Cheremin. Livinsky has 32 apartments with a total area of ​​almost 2400 square meters, 4 parking spaces and non-residential premises with an area of ​​1300 square meters. Another 2 apartments with a total area of ​​309 square meters are at the official's disposal.



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