Moscow Mayor pumps up income

Moscow Mayor pumps up income
Sergey Sobyanin

In comparison with the previous year, the income of the capital's Mayor has increased.

From the official declaration, published on the website of the Mayor's office of the capital, it follows that Sobyanin's income this year increased from 6 million 456 thousand 355 rubles up to 6 million 531 thousand 129 rubles ($105.914). This is reported by RBC.

The Mayor still owns a garage with an area of ​​26.8 square meters and an apartment of 308 square meters.

In mid-April, Moscow authorities published declarations on incomes of the deputy mayors of the capital and ministers of the city government for 2017. Head of the transport department Maxim Liksutov earned most of all. His income amounted to 219 million rubles ($3.5m), which is approximately 32 times higher than his income for 2016.

The press service of the transport department explained this figure by selling an apartment of 178.6 square meters, Mercedes-Benz car, three motor-vehicles and two parking lots.

Recall, the income of Vladimir Putin was also announced. According to the declaration, the salary of the Russian President in 2017 amounted to 18.73 million rubles ($303.700), which is higher than his income in previous years. A year earlier, the income of the Russian President was 8.86 million rubles ($143.680), and in 2015 - 8.9 million rubles.



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