Moscow deputies complained to Prosecutor’s Office about paid parking

Moscow deputies complained to Prosecutor’s Office about paid parking

Parliamentarians of two capital's districts declared that the authorities forged the protocols published earlier with results of vote concerning introduction of a payment for the parking.

Municipal Deputy of the capital district Northern Izmailovo Dmitry Baranovsky appealed to the Prosecutor's Office of Moscow with the requirement to check the protocol on vote of deputies of the area for introduction of the paid parking. According to him, the document was forged. As Baranovsky told RBC, in November, 2016 district deputies discussed the offer of the Transport Department of the capital to introduce paid parking on several streets in the area, but the vote did not take place.

However, as Baranovsky specified in the statement, on the website there was a protocol telling that allegedly seven deputies supported the introduction of the paid parking.

- During the discussion the video camera was switched-off, but microphones worked, and on an audio recording it is visible that there was not any voting, - Baranovsky claims, adding that this fact will be checked now by the Izmaylovsky Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office as capital supervising department redirected the statement.

The Deputy requires to nullify the protocol and assures that the city hall tries to shift responsibility for entering of unpopular collection onto municipal deputies.

In its turn, the municipal deputy of the district Sokolniki Larisa Solomatina told that in her area there was the same story - at a meeting on November 22 deputies considered a question of reorganization of traffic and voted for installation of traffic lights and route signs, but on the website was published a protocol, according to which the Council of deputies supported the introduction of the paid parking in the area.

- Such actions contain essential elements of offense under part 2 of Art. 292 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Official Forgery), - wrote the Deputy in her application which was also directed to the Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office.

To recall, first paid parkings appeared in Moscow in November, 2012 on several streets in the downtown. In June, 2013 the zone of a paid parking extended to borders of the Boulevard ring, in December — to borders of the Garden ring. In December, 2014 the paid parking was introduced on more than 450 streets from Sadovyi to the Third Transport Ring (TTR) and on 25 streets outside TTK, in a year there took place pointed expansion of a zone of the parking in TTK.

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