Moscow City Court chairwoman gets $8700 raise

Moscow City Court chairwoman gets $8700 raise
Olga Egorova

According to her declaration, Olga Egorova made $85.200 last year.

Moscow City Court officials reported on their earnings for 2016. According to the declaration, court chairperson Olga Egorova earned 4.86 million rubles ($85.300), i.e. half a million rubles more than she did in 2015, when her income was 4.29 million rubles ($75.300).

Egorova’s deputy Elena Bazkova declared a 3.35 million-ruble income ($58.800). She also must have got a raise since a year earlier her income was 3.12 million rubles ($54.700).

Another deputy has also been increasing his income quite fast. In 2016, he got a half a million raise and made 3.18 million rubles ($55.800), against 2.65 millions ($46.500) in 2015.

The only official who actually lost some money is the deputy chairman of the Moscow City Court, Dmitry Fomin. He earned 2.80 million rubles ($49.150), whereas in 2015 his income was 40 thousand rubles more.



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