Mortality reduced in Moscow pre-trial detention centers

Mortality reduced in Moscow pre-trial detention centers
The Butyrka pre-trial detention facility

As in the past, the Moscow pre-trial detention centers are overcrowded, however, compared to last year, the number of prisoners has been reduced by 12%, the Moscow Prosecutor's Office reports.

According to the supervisory authority in Moscow, since the beginning of the year, mortality in the Moscow pre-trial facilities has halved. They are still overcrowded, however, the number of prisoners has reduced.

Despite the significant overcrowding, which remains the main problem of remand centers, mortality in the facilities of the Federal Penitentiary Service Directorate in Moscow reduced by 50% in 2017, the message of the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office says.

The prosecutor's office and other concerned agencies have developed and are implementing a set of measures aimed at reducing the duration of detention, Interfax notes.

The measures taken have already produced the first results. It is reported that compared to 2016, the number of people in custody decreased by 12% (from 11,624 to 10,604 people).

During the checks, employees of the prosecutor's office revealed 85 violations of the rules on the conditions of detention since the beginning of the year. At the request of the supervisory authority, 70 employees of the penal system of Moscow have been brought to disciplinary liability, and the violations of the law have been eliminated, the message says.



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