Mikhail Gorbachev pens a letter to Putin

Mikhail Gorbachev pens a letter to Putin
Mikhail Gorbachev Photo: Alexander Kazakov / Izvestia

The ex-president of the USSR recently wrote a “short letter” to Vladimir Putin, he said.

Mikhail Gorbachev addressed Vladimir Putin in a “short letter”, the former head of state said in an interview with Izvestia.

“I wouldn’t presume to have the right to give my advice. Only occasionally do I write to leaders, through a short letter, generally. Some time ago, I wrote to Vladimir Putin and French President Macron,” the politician said.

Gorbachev emphasized that it is an “alarming time" for the world now and the heads of state "have a huge responsibility." He noted that sometimes he finds a reflection of his own thoughts in the words and actions of world leaders, and sometimes they do listen to him.

Speaking about today’s trends, Mikhail Gorbachev noted two dangerous ones - neglect of international law and the militarization of world politics.

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