MIA suggests improving control over entry and stay of immigrants

MIA suggests improving control over entry and stay of immigrants
Olga Kirillova, head of MIA General Administration

Control over entry and stay of immigrants in Russia should be improved, according to Olga Kirillova, the Head of the Main Directorate for Migration of the MIA of the Russian Federation.

“Foreign citizens can entry and exit Russia given they comply with the law in effect. Enforcement of the passed laws for combating illegal immigration and illegal employment of immigrants improved the state of immigration affairs. At the same time, we should understand who visits our country and where they come from. This means control over entry and stay of foreigners in Russia should be improved,” she said.

The government has the most necessary instruments for combating illegal immigration, according to Kirillova. Consolidation of efforts and coordination of activities of all the interested agencies will further promote it.

A law prohibiting foreigners who broke the migration law numerous times from entering the country was passed in 2015, Kirillova pointed out. “1.7 million foreign citizens were prohibited from entering Russia as the result,” she said.

“State agencies were able to more easily prosecute and punish (up to deportation and readmission) more foreign citizens who committed latent and continuing administrative offences without being noticed by police over that last 2 years,” Kirillova said.



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