MIA made guidelines on whom to punish under Disrespect for Authorities article

MIA made guidelines on whom to punish under Disrespect for Authorities article
Photo: Radio Liberty

The Ministry explained in detail in what cases drawing up a protocol is appropriate.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has distributed among its employees guidelines with recommendations on the initiation of administrative cases for contempt of authority, Mediazona writes citing the document.

In particular, it states that a protocol should be made up only if a public statement “in blunt terms” contained obscenities or, “indecent” images if it was posted on social networks, as well as “comparative images or other offensive expressions unacceptable by society.”

For example, if along with obscene images state symbols, the image of the President, the State Duma, the Federation Council, the government and court were used.

In addition, an author may be punished for disrespect for the authorities if his material or statement demonstrates “arrogance, cynicism, humiliating attitude towards society, the state and state symbols.” However, if anything of it is in personal correspondence, protocols cannot be compiled, the document emphasizes.

As The CrimeRussia reported, President Vladimir Putin signed the law on punishment for apparent disrespect for authorities this spring. The maximum sanction is a fine of 300 thousand rubles ($4.7 thousand), or a 15-day arrest. According to the calculations of the human rights organization Agora, to this day the police have already made up 30 protocols under this article.



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