MIA colonel: police officers turned into collectors

MIA colonel: police officers turned into collectors

According to the officer, law enforcers have to think about the requirements on fines above all nowadays.

The need to fulfil the quota for fines has made Russian police officers collectors, believes a colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who preferred to remain anonymous when giving an interview with Lenta.ru.

According to him, everyone knows that there is “plan” and it is not about solving a crime now, but fulfilling the norm on fines. The colonel said that employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia must collect at least 70% of all fines imposed. Otherwise, they will face more serious claims than those for unsolved cases.

The security official notes that the goals of law enforcement agencies have changed dramatically over the past few years.

“The Russian police today only provide services like the publication of “the right” statistics. We are no longer held responsible for law enforcement,” the colonel said.

Moreover, territorial departments, according to him, have experienced difficulties with material support for more than a year with employees having to buy office supplies with their own money and some telling those who turn to the police that they have to bring a pack of paper.

Earlier, Levada Center presented the findings of a survey on the public confidence in law enforcement. Two-thirds of respondents admitted that they consider fabricated criminal cases as a common practice.



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