Medvedev says bidding manipulation is a “pain in the neck”

Medvedev says bidding manipulation is a “pain in the neck”
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

The prime minister said he had proposed criminalizing bidding result manipulation.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a statement at a meeting on the social development of economic growth centers in the Far East.

“The contractor issues, the understated tender prices, this whole thing is a pain in the neck,” said Medvedev. Then, the prime minister emphasized that he had instructed to increase responsibility for unscrupulous contractors. He recalled that it is a special criminal article, and not just tougher administrative punishment that we are talking about.

That is especially true with those cases where the bidding participants aim at the destruction of its results, according to the prime minister. The application is submitted in the form “which is not executable”; so, the tender has to be stopped. Medvedev pointed out that the scheme tend to result in large amounts of government money being lost. The scheme is either used out of the greedy desire to “break up” the tender and participate in it at certain points, or to harm other performers, Medvedev suggested.



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