Medvedev closes Russian borders for carriers with outstanding fines for non-payment in Platon system

Medvedev closes Russian borders for carriers with outstanding fines for non-payment in Platon system

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has given the customs authorities powers to monitor the carriers evading from paying fees in Platon.

This follows from the decree N1483 signed by the Prime Minister on December 26, 2016. The decree amends the acts regulating control of payments in the system. The document was published on Tuesday, December 27 on the official web-portal of legal information.

"Now, if a carrier has outstanding fines for non-payment in Platon, it cannot cross the state border unless it eliminates the violations. If the fact of evasion from payment of the fine is established after the carrier leaves the country, it cannot enter the territory of Russia without paying the fine", says the report of the Russian Ministry of Transport, cited by Interfax.

The Ministry indicated that the decision of the Government was developed "in accordance with the recommendations of the working group on monitoring of the Platon system’s functioning” in order to create equal conditions for the Russian and foreign carriers and greater control over the payment of the fees."

The decree also formalizes the powers of the Rostransnadzor employees to monitor compliance with the legislation on the payment of funds in Platon.

The system includes more than 660,000 trucks; the leading regions are the south of Russia and the Far East.

The number of cars registered in the Platon by the end of 2016 exceeded 662 thousand and increased by 58%, according to the website of the system operator RT-Invest Transportniye Systemy (Transport Systems), owned by Igor Rotenberg and the fund RT-Invest.

Most of the newly registered heavyweights belong to individuals and individual entrepreneurs. The greatest increase in registration for more than a year of the system's existence was indicated in the Far Eastern Federal District: 1125%, which is up to 23 thousand vehicles.

Among the leaders, there is also North Caucasian Federal District, where the number of registered heavyweights increased by 94%, up to 16 thousand cars, and the Southern Federal District with registration increasing by 91%, up to 67,000 vehicles, the report said.

The Platon system was introduced on November 15, 2015. The money goes to the road fund as compensation for the destruction of traces by trucks weighing over 12 tons.

As noted by Vedomosti, within the year of Platon’s operation, the road fund received 18 billion rubles (December 12, 2016), which is not enough for all the government's plans. It has already allocated 10.85 billion rubles for emergency repairs in 24 regions, where the roads are particularly bad, and 12 billion rubles for bridges and other constructions.

The regional projects of public-private partnership are also expecting Platon's money: about 83 billion rubles for four to five years. In addition, the State must annually pay 10.6 billion rubles to the creator and operator of the system, RT Invest Transportniye Systemy.

Last week, it transpired that the Ministry of Transport has doubled the rate for Platon system in 2017, so the truckers are ready to organize protests. In January, a month-long stop of transportation is planned.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport is considering to extend Platon to vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 12 tonnes.



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