Medinsky caught in illegal use of flasher

Medinsky caught in illegal use of flasher
Vladimir Medinsky

Reporters state the head of the Ministry of Culture is violating 2 nationwide prohibitions.

The Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky is illegally using a vehicle for administrative use with a flasher - heads of national security, defence and law enforcement agencies are only allowed to drive this kind of vehicle, reports Sobesednik.

Sobesednik states that the custom signal is worth of the state budget’s 6 million rubles a year. With that, the authors of the article believe the Minister managed to ‘legally’ violate 2 nationwide prohibitions related to flashers and expensive cars.

In particular, according to the web site of the government procurement, since 2016, the Ministry of Culture has been renting BMW 7 series with leather interior and a hatch. Federal State Budgetary Institution Transportny kombinat Rossiya of the Department of Presidential Affairs receives 6.4 million rubles ($98.5 thousand) for the use of the vehicle from the Ministry annually.

The portal also notes there are eyewitnesses of the fact that it is no other but Medinsky who uses this car - he has repeatedly been noticed getting out of the black-colored BMW with a flasher and a А017МР 97 plate. The Ministry of Culture has not commented upon this information, yet.



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